Saturday, July 15, 2006

Restful Weekend!

Hi, all! I decided to join the Blog bandwagon. I created this blog to keep family and friends updated on my race reports and how I am growing spiritually. So bear with me while I experiment with this, as I am computer illiterate.

This past Thursday I went to Pennsylvania for the Master's National Championship criterium, ages 30-34. Last year's winner was Scottie Weiss. I was glad to see him get 3rd in the 35-39 age group. More to come later.

It's Later... much later... and I have some free time to jot down what happened at the Crit. This race started out hard and fast. We had to be going over 35mph some of the time. The pace slowed and attacks started. Rish was pulling back everything, no joke! I tried to make a break happen a couple of times and no one wanted to work. I kept on trying to make something work but nothing. Rish kept on pulling back the big riders when I needed a rest. With about seven to go I felt like my chances of winning were over. I tried to conserve my energy and sit in. Two laps to go Rish pulled me to the front and worked hard. He was perfect, wish we could have came through in the end.

I made my way to the front and let some riders pass me. I stayed in the top 10 and waited till we made our way into the infield. Big mistake! Riders went for the first turn and I was pushed off the track and lost more than 5 positions. Going into the grass had to slow me down 10mph or more, it felt like someone hit the brakes. The next turn I had to sprint too, which I had planned to do ahead of time. I made it through the turn passing more than five riders, my legs felt tired and so I eased up a little. I ran out of time, at this point I am 10 riders back and need to make another big move. Someone did and almost took us all out, close one. That held me up again. Then I had only one more turn to go. I passed a couple of riders, and then someone shut the door in front of me and I heard bikes crashing behind me and beside me. Somehow I managed to not wreck the whole race and I ended up getting 5th out of 100.

The reason I didn't wreck is because God kept me safe and out of harms way. One of my friends ended up wrecking twice but no broken bones praise the Lord! If I would race this race again I would do alot of things different. First off don't work so hard when you have a guy on your team stronger than everyone else. Next, jump into the first turn into the fieldhouse,first position only and don't look back.

Things I did right, I didn't wreck, and I did get 5th which was a bitter sweet moment. Thank you Lord for a great day and I pray next time I will be ready if there will be a next time!