Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Race Mechanical out of the way.

The first race of the year was cold, brrrr cold as Caylin would say. Becky was home with my mom. They watched Noah, Jacy, and Caylin. Things were going great back at home and things started out good in the race. I made the Break with Dave Steiner, he is on Team Spin this year. We were extending the gap on the field and then my pedal came off. Dave waited for a few seconds and asked if it was going to be ok and I said no keep going. I had just lost 20 seconds as the field passed by. Then another 30 before I could fix my pedal. It took a very hard effort and 3 miles to catch them with a cross head wind. I sat on until it was time to try again. I just caught on to the rest of the field at the same time Dave was caught. When I didn't see Andy, I felt like I should sit on for little longer. We came across the line with one lap to go with the Bolla rider attacking, he was the one to mark because he was so strong. I then countered his move and had a Thom another strong Spin rider on my wheel. We started to create a gap instantly. Dad had told me after the race that Spin did well as a team and Dave took third place. Dad was in the car following the entire race. Andy finished one minute behind Brian Batke's group, and only two minutes behind Thom and myself. The Felt Sprint Bike was perfect and it is the best bike I have ever been on, no joke! I also had Tufo tubulars on my Dad's wheels, awesome!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Time

We went to see family and celebrate our nephew Gavin's 3rd birthday. Jeremy's cousin Ryan drove his 4 daughters all the way from Iowa to only see us. Jeremy's Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Dennis also came from Kansas. Caylin loves playing with all the girls. They have so much fun together. They all got to go swimming together at the hotel pool. They had a blast. Caylin had fun at Gavin's birthday party. She loved eating the frosting off the cake and hitting the pinata. Gavin and Caylin are the best of cousins. They love each other!

Daddy's New Ride

I decided I should be the one who checks out Daddy's new ride. This is his new bike for the 2009 year.


Meet Sally, our friendly snow girl! Check out the hair and earrings! Pretty creative!

Fairies, Pocahontas,and Meeko

More Disney Pics

A few more of my Favorite Pictures from our Disney Trip on Days 7 and 8

Caylin's favorite ride at Disney World was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I think we rode it at least 6 times. Caylin laughed and screamed the entire length of the ride. She even put her hands up! This girl loves fast rides!!


My apologies for hibernating!!! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Gourmet Bakery

In the Daily Record this week there was an article about a mom starting a bakery in her home. She has done this to help with expenses from her son's surgery. I noticed they even have cooking classes for our kids to go to. Here is a link for her website. I just love sweets and buttercream frosting. Oh, so yummy!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A wonderful day in February

A wonderful day in February.

This morning I fixed Caylin Mickey Mouse pancakes. She ate pretty good but not a bunch. It didn't matter because she got car sick on the way to the mall with Grandma, Granny, and Becky. This happend while I was traveling too our first team meeting. Our new Team name is Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles. My ears were bleeding from 12 Stones, Skillet, Toby Mac, and the Extreme Days CD's. Yes I know I am old but I am not ready to turn the music down yet.

A big thanks to Dick, Andy, Polo, and Paul today. They hooked us up with some cool new stuff from our awesome sponsors and topped it all off by paying for our food today. Rode together as a team in the best day weather wise for the year, thank you Lord I am ready for a change of weather. It may have been above 45 today. We talked to each other getting to know our pasts and looking ahead to the future during our two hour ride. Yes guys I am counting it as two hours.

Since I am older than all the riders by more than 7 years it has giving me an extra kick to this season. I also have someone to ride with me everyday to work and push me to get out of bed every morning. Things are looking bettter than good, this will be the best cycling season yet. In the past 8 years I have never been in this great of shape so early. I plan on an early racing and also A camp for three days thanks to Polo and his parents.

When I got back my mom gave me some chicken noodle soup to take home with me. Thank you mom that hit the spot. Then Becky, and I shared some time talking about our day. Caylin was watching her movies and playing with toys. While the Super bowl was going on and we all had a great evening together. I will post a pic later of Caylin on the new bike. She is sporting Marco Pantani with her outfit.