Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Proud of My Daddy!

My Daddy did this big race in Iowa called Snake Alley. It had a really BIG hill he had to go up 20 times! I am so proud of him because he finished the race in 22nd place out of 90+ starters. I love you Daddy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank you

Hill repeats is what I ended up doing. I wish I had never done them. It was raining and kind of cold when I did the hill repeats in the morning. Thanks to Aaron I knew exactly what I needed to do to prepare for this weekend at Iowa. My first time up deerfield was by far the best. I didn't go all the way up deerfield but I did go 1,120 feet in 55 seconds. My average watts for 607 feet was 759 watts and it took me 37 sec. Big drop off on the next 6 times. 618 watts 41 sec, 604 watts 44 sec, 554 watts 51 sec, 574 watts 47 sec, 528 watts 51 sec, and 510 watts 52 sec. These were just the best 600 feet part of the climb I generally covered 840 feet + everytime and always took a rest of 1.5 mins or more each time. I tried to sit down a lot since the road was very wet. I wish I would have waited 1 more hour cause by the time I got home everything was dry.

So with that said I need to try and go as fast as I can for 3 laps and hope that I get up in the front 25 somewhere. I will start well behind 67 and could be as far back as 87 place due to calls to the line. I have a very bad feeling about this race Snake Alley. There profile says you climb 123 per lap and the last 276 feet you climb 60 feet. That is near 22% which is not my cup of tea. If this is so I may not be able to finish more than 12 laps before getting pulled out of the race or lapped. Last year the top 20th so riders got lapped by the winner.

Thank you Lord I am done with hill repeats. Thank you Lord for helping me notice my biggest weakness. I used to do hill repeats in my first couple of years I started riding, wish I wouldn't have stopped now. Please Lord be with my mom safe travels today and for our safety as well.

Please vote and read my comment. (Jeremy)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hill repeats or Rest?

Well I have had a cold for 4 days and it seems to be getting better. I raced with a cold on saturday and I have been feeling better since.

So I have a ? to ask anyone that is willing to help me get prepared for Snake Alley and 3 days of racing.

How should I trian for these races?

To late just rest.

Hill repeats on Deerfield this friday or saturday.

Long easy ride in amish country this saturday.

Ride hard for three days same as the races I am doing

None of the above.

I know first thing is pray. Train smart is next but I think if I go hard on saturday and simulate the Snake Alley race it may help, or will it make things worse. What do you think?
I am thinking about doing Hill repeats on Deerfield, but the other choices may be better. I don't know, that is why I am asking for your vote. It will be fun to see what you think. Then after the weekend I will post what I did.


P.S. Here is what I will be trying to do:

I love shrimp!

Grandma took Daddy, Mommy, and I out to eat at Olive Garden this past Saturday. Mommy got some kind of pasta with shrimp. I wanted to try it. I tried the shrimp and they were so good! I ate at least 6 or more. Grandma ordered me some shrimp and I got to take them home to eat! Thanks Grandma! (I guess we can add seafood restaurants to our list of places to eat.)

My Dancing Partner

Superman is a fabulous dancer! He loves to twirl around and do dips!

Pizza and Diego

Today I wanted to take some of my money that I have been saving to Walmart. I wanted to buy Diego. We stood in line and I gave Diego to the cashier. She told me it would cost 6.25. I gave the lady money, but she didn't give my money back. She kept it! I told Mommy that she was not nice keeping my money and not giving it back. (I thought this was too funny!)
After we went to Walmart Mommy asked me if I wanted to take Pa Pa John's pizza home for supper. It was the day of the 23 cent pizza. We stood in line for an hour and a half. When we got to order the pizza the man asked me what kind of pizza I wanted and I said "Cheese Pizza". (We got to order 2 pizzas since Caylin was with me!) Mommy went back in 3 hours to pick up the pizza. Pretty crazy!

Mommy's Mother's Day Present

I picked out this pretty flower to plant for Mommy for Mother's Day. I love to plant flowers! On Mother's Day I made pancakes for Mommy. She said they were very yummy!

Awakened by a kiss!

The prince (Daddy) must break the spell. He needs to kiss me for me to wake up!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hardest race I have done in a couple years. I was in the red for the 1 hour race. One time I felt like puking, and another time my side hurt so bad I wanted to quit. With all my allergies, asthma, head/chest cold, and recovering from a couple of wrecks the weekend before. I felt great about how I finished 8th or something like that. My main concern is will I be ready for Snake Alley and the other races? RATL was so fast and I was glad to have 7 other teammates at the race. Sad thing is we didn't win. I had fun no crashes and Andy Clarke was up the road, sorry I couldn't help once again. We had photos after the race and I felt rushed all day since I didn't plan for them. Sorry to everyone I was short with or rude too, at least I felt I was.

Pray for me to heal up get healthy and enjoy Snake Alley. I would like to finish in the top 20 but may not even be able to finish the race do to uncertainty. I pray that God will help me to just enjoy this race no matter if I finish or not.

Snake Alley is listed by the Ripleys Believe It or Not as the crookedest street in the world. Not only is it crooked, but it is steep and its surface is old brick. It provides a real challenge to the bicyclist racers to race up this landmark street (one that is a challenge for most to simply walk up).

Church and Romans/Abraham

Well I started teaching kids how to throw and catch at church for T-Ball. Very hard to teach them. By the end of the 1 hour in the last 10 min session I had kids rolling around in the grass down the hill. So much fun!

Church on Sunday was awesome! We had our dedication Sunday for the little ones. Also John did a great job for Mothers day. Proverbs 31; 10-31. He had mentioned for mothers not to get discouraged for this was a list that set the bar high. I thought about it and my wife does so much, I thought what do I do? I better be more supportive and loving. I told her sorry for things that have been said in the past. No one is perfect but I better set a great example to others. Don't let your flame burn out mothers we love you.

Ok as for Romans we have set a new obsatcle in the way. I had to look up when the circumcision started and how many children did Abraham end up having?

Well in Genesis 17; 24 Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised. He had Ishmael, Isaac, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah.

I suggest you read about Abraham starting in Genesis 11; 26 His name was Abram and was switched to Abraham when he was circumcised. This story is like one of those Soap shows on TV.
It is so amazing how much Abraham devoted himself to the Lord. He did do a bunch of things God did not approve of but it seemed to me he took two steps forward and one step back and then two steps forward. Always moving closer to God. Again no one is perfect except for Jesus!

Enjoy reading hope you let me know what you think and if you have questions I would love to try and look them up.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Yummy Yummy

Check out the ginger cookies I made for Daddy! Ginger cookies are my favorite!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fun in the Carolina's

I had a fun time traveling to Spartanburg, SC and Charlotte, NC this past weekend. My daddy raced one night in the dark and the next day up a big hill. I had fun drinking shaved ice drinks with Mommy at the race. My daddy "wracked". I told the other racers they need to go home and not race. They were not nice to Daddy!

We got to stay in a hotel! I love hotels! We got to eat out! We had a picnic on the way to Daddy's race. Mommy and Daddy say I am the best traveler. We left Friday at 7:30a.m. and got home Sunday at 2:00am. It was a quick trip. Mommy and Daddy are really tired!

Races this past weekend

Thanks to everyone that was praying for me. Becky, Caylin, and I went to SC and NC for some bike races. Friday night in the dark I raced on a four corner flat crit course that we did 70 laps in 1 hour and 16 mins. In the first 5 laps I found myself on the pavement with 50 other riders. I looked at my bike after checking to make sure I didn't have any broken bones or that I wasn't losing any blood rapidly. The bike however needed repairs. As I got back on my bike I was hoping everything worked as we hit 35 mph in 15 seconds. Why do I do this again? After another 10 laps I hit the pavment again. This time I should have used a little more sense. I overlapped a guys wheel and he had made an erratic move and need I say more. That one made me a little upset at myself. So after that I just rode easy and out of trouble for a while. Half way through the race I felt good enough to see what I could do. I moved up and felt confortable at the middle front of the field and then decided to sit in watching breaks go up the road. I thought about going up to them a couple of times, but I stuck to my sit in and wait plan.

As they were giving away 250 dollar primes and 100 dollar primes, I sat in the field. Then I heard nine to go and I was in great position, top 30. Every lap it is different, 20 pass you then you have to pass them the next lap. At this time in the race I have never felt so strong and I felt like I could do anything. 3 laps to go and I took off after another rider that I thought would be able to do something. As he was done racing with 2 laps to go I went hard for another lap and was caught with one to go.

God had blessed me with great legs and I tried to use them, but they were not what He wanted me to do. Maybe He did and I just learned how not to do it. Any way they caught me with one to go and I decided to try and stay up front after I attacked at 40 mph for longer than I should have. Well durning that last lap I found myself giving up and as I came to the last turn, bikes everywhere! I sprinted past 20 or more riders and then some to finish in the last pay spot for 30th place.

Thank you Lord for me and my family's trip, safety, and health. Thank you for the lessons I learned and the people we came in contact with.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

April 26th race

Munroe Falls is a great place to race. It may be the best I have been too.

On that day of the race I met up with friends from MI. Becky, Caylin and I had a great time of Fellowship with them for too short of a weekend. Our time went so fast, we had so much fun. After the race Jeff had e-mailed me and was very thankful for RGF making him feel like one of the team members. Thanks RGF. The plan was to go out hard and send two up the road everytime. That didn't happen to much. It seemed like one up the road by there selves or one in a break of 4. So it all came down to a sprint finish that was almost one by a last effort for a solo victory by RGF. We had failed at winning the race, but we placed 2nd, 4th, 6th, 16th, and 18th.

I was happy with the places but we made one very big mistake. We didn't lead out our sprinter, instead he lead me out from 400 meters and I still couldn't come around him. Only one guy could. Next time I will lead out no matter what if I feel the way I did before the sprint. I made a big mistake and will not make that one again. Sorry to all my teammates.