Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Praise The Lord! I know what is wrong with my eye and if it gets worse I can have surgery done to it. Tiny Cataract in my left eye so it is just some vision loss that I can handle. Sometimes I still have dizzy spells and headaches but am very happy that we found out the problem. It only took 2 months instead of 4 years so that is a major plus.

Here with family in fairborn and we opened up presents this morning. Kids had a blast so we will be playing all day. My brother is engaged and I have never seen him this happy. Thank you Lord for all of our blessings.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Result

Thanks for the prayers and emails and comments. Doctor told me I had a water cleft in my left eye. This was better for him to tell me, instead of Cataracts because he doesn't want to repair an eye that has slight damage at my age. More to come when I have time to post... Thanks again

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Upward and Onward

Upward Basketball is going on at our church. This is for young kids who just want to have a great time playing basketball. My mom was in charge of finding prayer partners for 100 days of prayer for Upward Basketball. Overall we have 110 people praying for Upward but could be more. I pray about Upward everyday and hope that everything goes great for the kids. It is all about having fun, not how good you can be. Don't get me wrong, you strive to be the best but be good sportsman and help all others to have fun as well.

In the years I have been cycling I have tried to do this but I am not perfect. One time in St. Albans I was so happy I won I couldn't help but to scream for joy,.... more than once. I gave God all the glory for helping me to win over two major teams of more than 3 riders on each team. Four of those 7 riders trying to beat me have been pros. Also I did the same thing at Miamisburg but we had the same numbers, two against two.

So why do we do these things and get caught up in all the emotion? Satan wants us to destroy others and make sure we pound each other into the ground. God wants us all to have fun and enjoy each others talents and work together. I have found out over the years that I have had
pure joy when I have worked just as equal as other riders and ended up beating the odds, instead of having joy in the moment and wishing I wouldn't have done them.

I share everything with my family they support me and love me as do I. They get to hear all the real stuff that goes on in cycling such as being spit on because I am not wanted in their group. I also remember a time when someone caused a wreck and I couldn't believe all that had happend, so I let the gentleman know. I have never felt so bad about doing that in my entire life, it wasn't even his whole fault.

In the end you get rewards for what took place from the same team members of the rider that spit on you saying "how great you did" or "I really respect you for riding against all 11 of us and beating the odds" things like this are said because God wants you to here them or receive them. God has given me so much and I thank Him for all of these things. Surprises are the best of all. Even when the rider that spits on you says after all that has happend wants you to race with them next year and you already turned them down without knowing.Thank you Jesus!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


MRI came back normal. Thanks for the Prayers.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Days to pray

Thanks to everyone that has sent me e-mails or posted comments. Prayers always helps no matter the outcome. Well I have two appointments coming so pray for these days and times. But first continue to pray for my family to have a peace of mind, and for whatever it is causing loss of my peripheral vision as well.

The date for the MRI is Dec. 10th at 3:20pm. My Neuro-Ophthalmology Doctors appointment is Dec.18th at 1:00pm. Pray that I will be focused on God and not the problem durning the next few weeks. More importantly I am having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, so I pray I can do that today and from here on out. Time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to focus more on loving one another.

Thanks everyone Love ya,

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Flu Over?

Well Becky, Caylin, and I have all had the flu. I pray we are all done for the rest of this year and next. Still pray that we all stay puke free and that we get back to normal soon.

Today I had an eye exam and they ran a test that I knew I didn't pass before the result. Now maybe we can get the MRI done and if they find something in the MRI I could have someone go over it with me before the end of next week.

Pray that it will be something they can fix and pray for my family not to worry.

Thanks again,

Saturday, December 01, 2007


This is one week that doesn't fly by as everyone with children knows. Poor mommy, one day Caylin had puked 10 times and then the next day was better other than her tummy had a boo boo on it. I puked one time and my ribs hurt so bad it felt worse than wrecking my bike.

Bike what is that? I rode 3:30 hrs Sunday after a week of not riding at all. Haven't got on the bike since. I went up to 200 pounds so I guess it is time to start getting serious, I just hope I follow through with it. I got a great start with the flu though. I dropped 8 pounds of water weight in one day and still don't feel like eating, well I do but I won't. i don't want to rush it, plus maybe it is time I start enjoying food and not inhaling it. Yep if you ever saw me eat you would get sick too. At least I don't eat 2 pounds of liver at one sitting in the lunch room at work, yes I have seen someone actually do this and he heated up some corn to top it all off.

That reminded me of the movie the great outdoors with good ole John Candy eating the ole 96er I think it was. I just remember that guy with the white streak in his hair saying he got struck by lightning 6....6.....6...6...6.times" wow that's alot"..6....6...6..6....6...... "66 times". Have to watch that movie again some time.

Thanks to all for the prayer concerns. I have had a better week other than the flu. My eyesite is the best it has been but not even close to 100%. The improtant thing is I have not felt dizzy or I haven't had any headaches or numbness in my hands. Praise God for everything. I will try realy hard to eat better and hope that this problem will just go away and never come back. I will keep you posted.

In all things praise God and you and others around you will be blessed. It can be very hard to do this when you are not focused on Him but when you are trying hard to be focused on Him you will receive extra strength. I am speaking from experience. God is Good all the time, don't know how people can live without Him.