Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving My Smelly Pumpkin

I carved my pumpkin last night. Last year when Mommy carved my pumpkin I couldn't handle the pee yewey smell and I started gagging. I decided I would try it again this year. I helped take out the seeds, but again it was super stinky! Mommy had to do it by herself. I told Mommy I wanted a scarey looking pumpkin. I hope it doesn't scare too many people!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 3

Mommy and Daddy took me to the movies to see High School Musical 3. (Daddy is such a good sport!) I loved that movie so much. I liked all the singing and dancing.

When we came home I was Gabriella and Daddy was Troy. I watched High School Musical 1 and 2 all afternoon on Sunday. I just love, love, love it!

Grandma got me the Troy and Gabriella dolls. They are so cute!

(Mommy and Daddy like the movies because they are innocent clean fun movies.) It is nothing like the movie Grease.

The Idea's I Come Up With

Daddy had a race on Sunday and I wanted to give him a race plan for the day. I told him I wanted him to win and put his hands up. I told him he needed to wreck the other guys to do this. (What happened to our nice sweet Caylin.) She gets her competitiveness from her Dad. LOL

Happy 89th Birthday Granny!

Happy Birthday Granny! 89 wonderful years old! We love you so much!

Many of you don't know my Granny, but let me share a few things about her. Granny got in the water at Kalahari this year. She went on the Scrambler ride this year at Cedar Point. Granny also went with us to Boo at the Zoo. She is also going with me to Disney World for 8 days at Christmas. She can keep up with all of us. Sometimes she does better than all of us. Granny still drives herself to go shopping at Walmart, Kohls's, Elder Beermen, and Penney's. She is a go go girl!
Granny comes to see me at least once a week. I can call her all by myself on the phone. Sometimes I call her 3 or 4 times a day, maybe more.
Happy Birthday Granny, we love you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This Country we live in (U.S.A.) has been and continues to lose it's freedom. If you have kids in school right now I hope and Pray they don't have to listen to stories about Adam and Steve. The founding Fathers wanted the U.S.A. to be a Christian Country not a Muslim Country. They quoted from the Bible not the Koran. Watch this video if you want to vote for people that will allow same sex marriage in the states that vote for it like Barack said. Vote for McCain if you want to eliminate same sex marriage.

Very depressing story to watch so please be advised.>

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

I got to go to Boo at the Zoo at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo. I loved seeing everyone in their costumes. I posed for pictures with a lot of different animal characters. I went on a train ride, saw a magician, and a creepy crawley animal show.

My favorite part was dancing on stage to High School Musical songs. They taught us the steps to one of their songs. I was not shy at all about dancing in front of 100+ people.

I am going to go see High School Musical 3 this Friday when it comes out! Mommy and Daddy can't believe that I already like this movie. They think that I am a little too young! I don't think so though!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family in Georgia, Greenville Race and the Smoky Mountains

With Family in Georgia we went to the race in Greenville, SC yesterday. Tried every break and knew I wouldn't have anything for the sprint in the end. So I tried solo and also with breaks but no one wanted to work with me. Took a $25 early and so I was happy the rest of the race. Met George and Rich Hancapie and gave them pics that Dad took when we were 9. Went to Church this morning with Brad and Jessie, Awesome Church! Caylin was very very sad to leave Brad and Jessie. It wasn't long before Caylin and I were pretending to be them. She still has to do the whole getting married part with the rings and kiss thing, so much Drama! LOL I will always remember these great times with her. Daddy Loves you Caylin your the best girl! After we ate at O'Charley's or should I say after I ate everyone elses meals we said our goodbyes and left to go to the Smoky Mountains, great idea dad! I could live in those mountains forever! God sure can make a beautiful picture to last a lifetime. Best time on a bike I have ever had. I could quit racing forever and just spend my vacation riding in the mountains.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Break out the warm clothes!

It was burr cold out this morning. I had to wear my winter coat. Bummer! I had a great weekend. We just relaxed at home together as a family. Daddy took me on a night ride in the pitch dark. He had his bike light on which is really bright. I just had to be careful of the bumps on the sidewalk. Mommy said she might go next time.


Kalahari sent me my finished ballerina in the mail. I was so excited when I first saw her. I am so proud of it! Mommy and Daddy are impressed with it, too! I have to be very careful when I touch her because I don't want her to break.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I love you Snoopy!

I have no fear!

We went to Cedar Point this past weekend. This was great preparation for our trip to Disney World at Christmas! I rode lots of rides. I rode the kiddie demon drop. I just laughed and squeeled with excitement the entire time. I rode it 3 times. I also rode grown up rides. I rode the scrambler, matterhorn, and a big pirate ship that rocks back and forth.