Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sometimes we would like to be a Champion. Other times we just want others to be Champions. I have found over the years that it is not worth trying to be a Champion for yourself. The satisfaction you get when you win is no where as close as when someone you Love wins. This 2011 season coming up is full of Champions. We have all raced together and we know how to win together. We all know our limits and have communicated in the past, can't wait.

In my life communication has helped me get closer to doing the right thing every day. It all depends on who you communicate best with. God makes things happen in your life for many reasons. He communicates to us everyday, the real question is are you listening? I find it so much easier to do everything with my attention on Him. So glad that He has created others to help me grow in the best of all we do. Having fun in life is what He wants for us. The bad things in our lives are very hard to get through when our trust isn't in Him. I hope that I can focus more on Him every day so that way I can be a Happy Loving person more.