Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is Global Warming True?

That is the question that many people are having these days, especially if one is in the Democrat Party in the state of Iowa. In all fairness, I should say that not all Democrats would hold to the theory of Global Warming. It is not uncommon to hear from the mouths of many church members around here "This Global Warming is something, really something." I had a man come up to me this past Sunday and those were his words. He really felt that if it wasn't for Global Warming we would be looking at minus 20 to 30 degree weather right now in Clinton, IA. And this is a man almost 90 years old believing this stuff! I beg to differ, it is a sign of the End Times. We are in the last days and the weather points to that fact. One just does not read of Global Warming in the Bible. Friends, the weather patterns are different everywhere right now and I don't care what part of the U.S.A a person lives in.

In my humble opinion, things are going to get worse and worse until Jesus comes again and that includes the weather. America in it entirety will never, never get any better. (Read Matt. 24). Come on now, why should the weather forecast and other things like that take our eyes off the good news of the gospel, the cross of Christ and the things of God in general? It shouldn't and nothing should! Don't be deceived into believing something that is not scriptural.

It appears that many Americans really have stooped to the point of worshiping aspects of creation over the creator of the universe; the God that made everything including the weather patterns. (Read Rom. 1:24,25). Do you think for a moment that the weather patterns are controlling themselves or that God is in control of them? I opt for the second choice. I think some people better stop and think what it means to say that God is sovereign. When sovereignty is spoken of in the Bible it means that God is in complete control of things in heaven and on earth and that clearly proves that He created the weather and is control of it. So much for the theory of Global Warming, that idea in thrown out the window with the baby's bathwater.

Jesus Christ is coming back a second time and the Bible says it will be like a thief in the night. He is coming when a person least expects it. Are you ready? Are your bags packed, life right? Begin placing your faith, trust in Him today and not the weather or anything of this world. Jesus Christ clearly died for the sins of the world, place your faith in Him today for the forgiveness of your sins if you have never done so. Begin living a life of victory in Him! Praise God for His Grace that Saves!

posted by Pastor R C

Thanks Ryan Hope to get out to Iowa this april.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It won't be long now

The weather is changing and it is getting warmer. I hope to be on the bike this week. Last year at this time I had 122 hrs. This year I have 22 hrs Total. I hope I can boost that number up soon. For the month of Jan I rode 18 hrs, feb 4hrs and 19 mins. I think it is great spending more time with the family right now. I am a procrastinator and weather permitting I still have time to get ready by the end of May.

On a sad note Caylin, Becky and I all went outside to play in the snow. That was so much Fun! Sad part is we are not moving up north any time soon. It was so much fun to see her hitting me with snowballs and sledding down the hill by herself.

Wednesday Orrville club rides are coming soon as well as races in april and Church softball in May. I haven't played softball in a long time. At least six years. Caylin will have a great time seeing Daddy hit the ball. Then she will tell me to run, don't forget to slide.

Speaking of sliding, I tried to go to work today. Sheet of ice so I went back into the driveway after almost falling twice.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Bike is still downstairs! I have not rode inside yet. I know I said I would but I have been busy shoveling snow the past two days! we were reported to have anywhere from 12 to 15 inches of snow. It is so awesome! My upper body is getting a great work out.

I did ride in 12 degree weather on sat for 1hr and 34 min. I had a great time and hope to do that again Feb 24th unless the roads are clear than I could ride more.

The Lord has blessed our family so much. We are healthy and we have a house that is warm at night. Food on the table and water to drink. Thank you Lord!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bike is downstairs

Last night I put my Trek downstairs. Hey it's a start! Tonight I hope to get on the bike and ride it. I may even leave it downstairs for good, thanks to Tim Jackson.

My sponsored A&F bike was broke and I sent it back to Tim. He sent me another awesome Masi bike. I don't know who was more excited Caylin or me? With the bike came the important bubble wrap to protect the bike. I wonder where you buy that stuff? Caylin had a blast last night and so did we watching her or listening to her. I took a couple of pics cause she was having so much fun, it was a Kodak moment.

I met Tim Jackson at the A&F team training camp last year and he gave us those awesome bikes and his sincere opinions! The Masi bike handle perfectly last year, even at my Top speed ever. At the National Road Race Championships I hit over 68 mph. Yes I was the first one down the Mountain by far. The bike felt like I was going only 50 mph, I couldn't believe it! Tim is a great Man and I wish him and his family the best. I will put up a new post when I ride the new Masi Bike, but I don't think I will try to go as fast unless I don't realize it again which is a possibility.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Wow I am going to be busy till Easter! I may not get to race till the weekend after Easter. I think that is what I did the very first year I started racing. My first race was a cat 3/4 race at malabar farms. Tym Tyler put that race on. We had like 70 racers in our group and only 7 in the cat 1/2 field. Things sure have changed since then...Not! By the way that day it was snowing, I think it was March 31st or something like that. Any way I plan on getting on the bike again after taking off for 2 months, well I only have in 42 hours in the last 2 months. I have 3 hrs in the last 3 weeks all on one day that I mentioned on the other post.

So it's been 5 months since I was going to start losing weight. I have been doing good with my my family goal. I have been going to Church a lot more and almost every Sunday. Caylin Loves going to Church! Becky and I also do. I have read at least one book almost two books since then. Also I have had Bible study with families from the Church. We have a great time, but there is always food. Big problem for me, but that's ok. I just told one of my friends from Church I want to play softball again. He said our minister is thinking about it too. So I will have a very full year even without cycling.

God has become the priority in my life again and I am so much happier! I will have more time to ride when the weather gets nice, so then I can take Caylin with me. I still think there is a chance for me to be ready by the end of May but we will see. I have not rode my bike inside yet, but I plan on it real soon. I can't wait to race this year, it will be a miracle even if I finish!

Just got my awesome uniforms from Team GodSpeed! They are sweet!!! Yellow has and will always be my color! Thanks to Team GodSpeed, they are busy, busy, busy. They have a lot of things planned for 2007. I pray that God gives us the energy we need to get all the work done.

Almost forgot I saw on A&F's website Timmy won his first race! Great job Timmy! Also Harper and Hekman won as well! I can't wait to see them race this year!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Team GodSpeed

I had a great time yesterday with Team GodSpeed members. They(we) have so much going on for our youth. You can tell so much work goes into helping others. I am so blessed to be a part of something great and wonderful. Thanks for the welcome Team GodSpeed. Thanks to all that sent me in the direction I needed to be. Most of all thank you Lord for the people you have placed in my life!

Friday, February 02, 2007

"The Tea Cup"

There was a couple who used to go England to shop in a beautiful antique store. This trip was to celebrate their25th wedding anniversary. They both liked antiques and pottery, and especially teacups. Spotting an exceptional cup, they asked,"May we see that? We've never seen a cup quite so beautiful."As the lady handed it to them, the tea cup spoke."You don't understand," it said, "I have not always been a tea cup.

There was a time when I was just a lump of red clay. My master took me and rolled me pounded and patted me over and over and I yelled out, 'Don't do that. I don't like it! Let me alone,' but he only smiled, and gently said,'Not yet!'"Then. WHAM! I was placed on a spinning wheel and suddenly I was spun around and around and around. 'Stop it! I'm getting so dizzy!I'm going to be sick!', I screamed But the master only nodded and said, quietly, 'Not yet.'"He spun me and poked and prodded and bent me out of shape to suit himself and then....then he put me in the oven. I never felt such heat. I yelled and knocked and pounded at the door.'Help! Get me out of here!'

I could see him through the opening and I could read his lips as he shook his head from side to side, 'Not yet.'"When I thought I couldn't bear it another minute,the door opened. He carefully took me out and put me on the shelf, and I began to cool. 'Oh,that felt so good! Ah, this is much better,' I thought.But, after I cooled he picked me up and he brushed and painted me all over. The fumes were horrible. I thought I would gag. 'Oh,please; stop it, stop it!!' I cried. He only shook his head and said. 'Not yet!'"Then suddenly he put me back in to the oven. Only it was not like the first one. This was twice as hot and I just knew I would suffocate. I begged. I pleaded. I screamed. I cried. I was convinced I would never make it. I was ready to give up."Just then the door opened and he took me out and again placed me on the shelf, where I cooled and waited and waited, wondering, What's he going to do to me next?

An hour later he handed me a mirror and said 'Look at yourself.' And I did."I said, ' That's not me; that couldn't be me. It's beautiful I'm beautiful!'"Quietly he spoke: 'I want you to remember, then,'he said, 'I know it hurt to be rolled and pounded and patted, but had I just left you alone, you'dhave dried up. I know it made you dizzy to spin around on the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have crumbled.I know it hurt and it was hot and disagreeable in the oven, but if I hadn't put you there, you would have cracked. I know the fumes were bad when I brushed and painted you all over, but if I hadn'tdone that, you never would have hardened. You would not have had any color in your life. If I hadn't put you back in that second oven, you wouldn't have survived for long because the hardness would not have held. Now you area finished product. Now you are what I had in mind when I first began with you.'"

God knows what He's doing in each of us. He is the potter, and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us, and expose us to just enough pressures of just the right kinds that we maybe made into a flawless piece of work to fulfill His good, pleasing and perfect will. So when life seems hard, and you are being pounded and patted and pushed almost beyond endurance; when your world seems to be spinning out of control; when you feel like you are in a fiery furnace of trials; when life seems to "stink", try this:Brew a cup of your favorite tea in your prettiest tea cup, sit down, and have a little talk withthe Potter.

God has a plan for each of our lives, and it may not be the plan we desire at the time. God will help us get through the ruff times you can count on it! Trials are meant to happen in our lives. Think about it if life was easy would you do what you wanted or what God wants you to do. God gives us choices and we have a choice to do the right or wrong thing. Hopefully your choices are pleasing to God!