Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pool Time

I love going swimming. Grandma got me this new swimsuit at my new favorite store, Justice. When I go swimming I still like to have Fun Dip at the rest breaks. Some habits never change!

Fun Times

I had fun playing with GG this weekend. We got our faces painted, jumped in a jump house, and played with scooters.

Next Top Model

Maybe Caylin has a future career in modeling? She comes up with these poses all by herself.

Rock Star

Caylin loves to sing and dance in the car! She was showing off her moves in the backseat!

Podium Girl

I was a podium girl this weekend. Daddy won the race in Troy, OH on Saturday.

Bike Race

Caylin got 1st place among all the girls in her bike race and got 4th place overall, competing with the boys. When I asked Caylin if she could of pedaled faster, she said, "Yes!" She said she was afraid of wrecking. Caylin doesn't want to follow in her Daddy's footsteps of wrecking! We were so proud of her! She even looked like she was trying to throw her bike at the line! She already knows racing tactics at the age of 5.

I Love Blondie!

I take Blondie everywhere with me. He is the best dog ever! He doesn't bark, doesn't shed, and he likes to do whatever I like to do!