Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Horsing Around

We had fun at the Wayne County Fair. Caylin loves walking through the barns and visiting all the animals. When we went into one of the horse barns Caylin spotted this cute pony. They both smiled for the camera!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thanks for reading

Sorry for the delay, thanks for waiting. I sure am glad God has been watching over me. It has been a hard year for cycling. That is because I didn't have my focus on Him, family, and friends all the time. As I think my wife would say, "It is all about cycling all the time." She is right you know. Without her in my life I would have ruined everything, but God has been there to encourage me as well as family and friends. I do Love cycling, and it is easy to tell I love food a little,.... ok more. So it is way past time, I need to start changing things. Now that I have my act together I figured I would post something. So what do I write about?

God is good! The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit is my light, and the path I choose. Does it really have to be hard to do the right thing all the time? Is it for you as well? Have you been down that same road I have when you hope God is going to be there to encourage you. I don't know about you but knowing that He will makes me feel comfortable. Sort of like sleeping straight through the night for almost 8 hours. Then waking up with nothing to do but to enjoy God's beautiful sunrise coming up while walking on the beach with family and all you can hear is the sound of the Ocean. You know what I also like? Riding my bike for a 6 hour ride knowing I can do it and going places I have never seen while riding on the bike. It is hard to do that now because I think I have been on every road around Orrville within a 40 mile radius. I still enjoy it very much and am so blessed to be able to continue to ride my bike.

As I spend some time away from cycling I spend it with people I love the most. My family is so very important to me and that will never change. They help me to stay focused and let me know how much I am loved. This year I have also felt loved by so many friends. Yes I have been stalked and hunted down but I enjoy every second with each and every person. Sometimes I can be a very hard person to talk to though. I do wish I had more time to talk to everyone in my life. I have been picked up off the pavement and taking to the hospital as well. People just Love me and I Love them too. I pray that people will also let it be known how I can improve my life so that we all can be better together. I struggle so much with a lot of things and right now I have several friends praying for me and helping me to be the best I can be. Everyone needs more prayer in there lives so who wants to pray for me? I need prayer and you need prayer let us pray together prayer partners.