Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well sorry it took me so long to tell everyone that I had a great time at AWANA! I was the speaker for there AWANA Grand Prix. They did a pine wood derby race and it was my first experience. It was so awesome to see how much time they put into the cars to get them ready. The kids thought about racing these cars for 4 months prior to this event. Sort of like racing in a National Racing Calendar event. So the kids were excited!

I did my best to get the kids interested in racing there cars and telling them how important it is to have Jesus in there life. Also giving God the glory for the great things he has done in our lives.
This was my first experience of being a guest speaker so I know I will do better in April when the next one comes.

I had a wonderful time at North Alliance Church on Sunday as well. They made me feel very welcome and I felt like I was at my Church. I really enjoyed talking to the kids in Sunday School
class and felt that the Lord helped me to share everything I needed to share with them. Bunch of great kids and Families at that Church. I hope to take my wife and Daughter up there someday. Thanks to Dave for introducing the muffins to me. After Church service we all had Fellowship time eating Muffins and drinking coffee. I enjoyed this the most and I encourage other Churches to have a fellowship time together before during or after Church. Our Church has this as well. I guess I enjoyed it so much because I was eating those great muffins and had more time to fellowship.

Thanks to Cheryl and Dave Young for getting me started, I was more nervous than any bike race I have done since I was 12. Thanks to AWANA and Larry for a great time and giving me the chance to speak. Also Thanks to the North Alliance Church and the Pastors and Pastors Wives for a great two days.

P.S. It was great to go out on the roads Saturday with Dave and show me how hard it is to ride up in Norwalk. The wind that day was at least 30 mph! Now wonder why he is so strong.

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