Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year!

This year has been really great so far. My eye has stayed the same and we are all healthy. I am starting to ride a little more which is also good. I rode a total of 430 hrs last year and plan to do a lot more this year.

I am off work 30 mins earlier every day so you can add that by a bunch. I also took some more time riding to work this morning. 45 mins more every morning would be great too. The scale has not been my friend but hope that will come down with riding. I would like to be under 187 this year. Last year I was 192 most of the year but in August I was 187 the whole month. If I really stay focused on eating right and riding to work everyday I will have no problem getting below 180. I try every year and last year was the best so I think I am on to something if I stay focused, big key.

Caylin has been growing so fast, she is the best! She was out on her bike yesterday and I hope I can get home to ride with her today. Becky has been enjoying her time at home with Caylin everyday and does everything. I come home and may do the dishes, (that is just one of the things I should be doing more) and enjoy spending time with the girls.

Church has been going great and we are in the book of Mark. John has been doing a great job keeping us sharp. He creates new challenges for us each day and or weeks. It has been a blessing since his moving to Orrville.

I have so many prayer concerns for lots of friends. I pray for them daily and pray that God will heal them and use them to glorify God. Some have moved on and others are still here fighting the illnesses. I pray for all of those in need.

My first race is coming up to soon. I won't be as ready as I thought I was going to be. I lose focus more than anyone I know. God has been so good to me and I am so blessed for His son Jesus, His Birth, Death, and Resurrection. No one can live without Him, No One!

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