Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Prayer

Father you are so strong and miraculous. You are the Creator of everything. You can do all Things. Father you are a Mountain Mover!

Father forgive me for my sins Lord. I have sins that I am not proud of Lord... Just take all of my sins. Carry them for me Lord... Forgive me Now...

LORD I thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for all of us that accept your Son Jesus Christ into our lives. So that we may be forgiven through Jesus Christ as long as we take Him as our LORD and Savior. I thank you Lord that you are always with us even when we think you aren't. I thank you for listening to my prayer and forgiving me. Thank you for my life that I have. Thank you for the blessings of all I can do.

Lord please be with me, help me to focus more on you LORD. I pray that you help me to lose at least 17 more pounds in the next 3 months LORD if it be your will. Please Lord give me your strength at this time Lord. I pray Lord that others come to know you as I do, a Loving, Forgiving God that will always be with us. Even in times like these when I am struggling to do your will. I pray all these things in your name... Amen.

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