Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Today has changed my life forever! I wish I would have taken pics of all the happy kids and parents today.

Before I say any more I will tell you what I am soooo Happy about.

Last night my Wife, Caylin and I helped load 400 or more bikes into 2 28 foot trailers. Well Caylin was there to test out the tricycles and I got some riding time in on a few BMX bikes. Becky helped bring the bikes to the dock doors with the others, while I got dirty stuffing bikes in the semi trailers. I had a great time helping Elves and More NEO, I hope they want my help next year? Most of the workers for Elves & More race bikes. So we had a great time talking about racing too. Stark Velo racers sure are awesome! Also 3 other guys came together to make Elves & More NEO what it is today. Thanks to Brian, Tim and Jim.

When I woke up today I knew it was going to be a great day! I know God looked at us and smiled today. I think God was happy with what we all did today. As we all prayed together before we headed out to surprise little kids. We all knew we were going to have a blessing at some point today.

This started out like a big Road race event. We had 5 or 6 cop cars stop traffic for us every where we went. Sort of like the Pres. has going to any event. We were in a bus and we had the semi trailor in front of us and Santa in a cop car behind us. The noise from the cop cars woke everyone up this morning. So much fun!!!

On the way to our stops we would share stories of what we witnessed and kids faces when they saw us. How some kids broke down and cried in front of us. It brings tears to my eyes seeing how happy it makes someone with a small gift. The gifts we all gave today will make a difference! It may not change the world but it sure has made A big difference in someones life today.


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