Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dr. OZ on the Oprah show Talks about Lyme Disease

This is what I could fit in for my story. Please write your story to Dr. OZ for the Oprah show on Lyme Disease and tell how it affected you or the person with Lyme Disease. Please. Thank you.

Lyme Disease: Flu like symptoms with Church youth group white water rafting trip. Temp of 104 they cut the trip short. This began a 4 year nightmare.27 Doctors for 4 years not knowing what was wrong. As I Never felt good but looked normal. I am 33 years old now and it has been17 years since I got sick for the first time. I missed 180 days of high school in my last two years. I passed out in locker rooms during halftime after running the ball for touchdowns passed out catching the ball on the baseball fields. I told mom I would rather die doing something I loved doing playing sports. Some Nurse in town slapped my face to try and get me to move off of the stretcher in the ER onto the table. If I could have moved her life would have been in my hands instead I passed out again. One time some 5 Doctors got together and said I was lying and playing games at one of the so called top hospitals in the world. I felt like people hated me. Sharp shooting stabbing Stomach aches made me pass out or headaches that were ten times worse than a migraine. Chronic nose bleeds took hours to get over. Vomiting up blood was scary. A lot of times I couldn’t move for days. It took me forever just to get across the room. I had red blotches all over my body but never a bull's eye rash. I was diagnosed by my family because they never gave up. So after I felt I wanted to end my life early and had no care to live God stepped in with my family taking me to another Doctor. Treatment was for 11/2 years. I have told thousands of people at one time on many different occasions about Lyme Disease. I am blessed and thank God everyday for my health, my wife, our daughter, our family and friends. I pray that more people esp. Doctors will know how to treat patients properly. Long doses of antibiotics work. Why aren't we doing this everywhere? I am healthy now and race for an Elite cycling Team against some of the best Pro Cyclist.

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