Sunday, February 01, 2009

A wonderful day in February

A wonderful day in February.

This morning I fixed Caylin Mickey Mouse pancakes. She ate pretty good but not a bunch. It didn't matter because she got car sick on the way to the mall with Grandma, Granny, and Becky. This happend while I was traveling too our first team meeting. Our new Team name is Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles. My ears were bleeding from 12 Stones, Skillet, Toby Mac, and the Extreme Days CD's. Yes I know I am old but I am not ready to turn the music down yet.

A big thanks to Dick, Andy, Polo, and Paul today. They hooked us up with some cool new stuff from our awesome sponsors and topped it all off by paying for our food today. Rode together as a team in the best day weather wise for the year, thank you Lord I am ready for a change of weather. It may have been above 45 today. We talked to each other getting to know our pasts and looking ahead to the future during our two hour ride. Yes guys I am counting it as two hours.

Since I am older than all the riders by more than 7 years it has giving me an extra kick to this season. I also have someone to ride with me everyday to work and push me to get out of bed every morning. Things are looking bettter than good, this will be the best cycling season yet. In the past 8 years I have never been in this great of shape so early. I plan on an early racing and also A camp for three days thanks to Polo and his parents.

When I got back my mom gave me some chicken noodle soup to take home with me. Thank you mom that hit the spot. Then Becky, and I shared some time talking about our day. Caylin was watching her movies and playing with toys. While the Super bowl was going on and we all had a great evening together. I will post a pic later of Caylin on the new bike. She is sporting Marco Pantani with her outfit.


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