Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Race Mechanical out of the way.


The first race of the year was cold, brrrr cold as Caylin would say. Becky was home with my mom. They watched Noah, Jacy, and Caylin. Things were going great back at home and things started out good in the race. I made the Break with Dave Steiner, he is on Team Spin this year. We were extending the gap on the field and then my pedal came off. Dave waited for a few seconds and asked if it was going to be ok and I said no keep going. I had just lost 20 seconds as the field passed by. Then another 30 before I could fix my pedal. It took a very hard effort and 3 miles to catch them with a cross head wind. I sat on until it was time to try again. I just caught on to the rest of the field at the same time Dave was caught. When I didn't see Andy, I felt like I should sit on for little longer. We came across the line with one lap to go with the Bolla rider attacking, he was the one to mark because he was so strong. I then countered his move and had a Thom another strong Spin rider on my wheel. We started to create a gap instantly. Dad had told me after the race that Spin did well as a team and Dave took third place. Dad was in the car following the entire race. Andy finished one minute behind Brian Batke's group, and only two minutes behind Thom and myself. The Felt Sprint Bike was perfect and it is the best bike I have ever been on, no joke! I also had Tufo tubulars on my Dad's wheels, awesome!


Tony said...

Congrats on your win Jeremy! Looking forward to racing with you this season.

Tony Marut

Anonymous said...

Congrats yesterday. I did the 3/4 race.

I was looking for race reports from yesterday and came across your blog. Great blog. I love seeing athletes that put God in the center of their lives and in control. Too often you see guys at races that do things (cussing, rage, unsportmanslike conduct, etc) that want you to not take your family. Your little girl and wife are lucky.

I hope you have great season!!

Rob T.

Ray Huang said...

Nice way to start the year. I heard you were really strong!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,
Anyone take any photos of the race other than what you have up?

Anonymous said...

Any more photos of the chilly day out?

K.K. (Caylin), Beauty (Becky), or the Beast (Jeremy) said...

My Dad took some pics I will try and post them. Let me know if you see anymore pics. I saw someone taking pics at the finish line.

K.K. (Caylin), Beauty (Becky), or the Beast (Jeremy) said...

Thanks too all. The Spin Team will be hard to beat. They race really smart as a team and are super strong.

R.Knapp said...

Congrats brother! Looking forward to racing with you!