Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hours Spent on the Bike

Boy this year I rode more than ever, by far. Only thing I can say about that is, I sure am glad that year is over. If I didn't work 40 hrs a week or have a wife and kid, then I would spend my life on a bike. Just like Forrest Gump did, I kept on riding and riding and riding. People would ask me why you ride so much? I would say" I felt like riding".

Well my life is better than that. I have the Best Wife and Daughter. I have a good job, with more positives than negatives. So my life is great and we are Blessed by God everyday! If only I could put more hrs in than George Hincapie put in when he was 12 I may just get better at cycling.

So with that said back to cycling, my Dad has giving me too much in life and continues to do that to this day. He said something about getting me a light cause he is getting a new one. I could ride any time at night or morning. I would rather ride in the early morning with no traffic in the dark than ride with traffic. That is how I got a lot of hrs in this past year. I rode before Becky and Caylin woke up. Also I rode after they went to bed. So when I think of when I rode it really didn't take that much time away from family. But the traveling time did. I only spent 443.5 hrs on the bike last year. That is the most time by 22 hrs I have spent on the bike in the last 5 years. I actually spent less than that because I count by bank hrs. For example if I ride 2 hrs and 16 mins that would count as 2.5 hrs. So I bet my total hrs was something like 400 hrs for the year but at least I have a number in the area. This year I am counting mins each day just to see how much I ride.

So I hope to see higher numbers in the future than this past year but I am getting older and my life is changing. I still have major aches and pains since labor day weekend. I am pretty sure it is all due to arthritis.

I won't even think twice about racing this year, I just don't know when I will start. I am sure it will be to early just like every year.

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