Monday, January 29, 2007

Time Is Ticking Away

I have a bunch of stuff on my mind. The great thing is I forget a lot of it. Well that can be bad or good.

Not much to report for my so called diet. I will try a little harder now since races start in a couple of weeks. Last year I had 60 hrs riding time in, this year I have 21 hrs. I feel so much better about those numbers. Also I am at the same weight as last year, which is good. I have been doing better on my diet the last 2 weeks and I already feel better about it.

A really great friend of mine had a very serious surgery this past week. He will be in some major pain for two more weeks. I pray that the Lord heals him and that he will have great health the rest of his life.

This weekend I hope to become a Member of Team GodSpeed and I can't wait to meet all the members.

Caylin, Becky and I made frosty the snowman in our back yard, it was 19 outside with a wind chill of 4. We had so much fun! It took me awhile to make frosty but we used some water to compact the snow together instead of a magic hat.

I also rode my bike with some great guys Sat, 16 of us braved the weather. It was 37 that morning and we rode for 3 hrs. I ended up puking 2 hrs after the ride, and we rode slow the whole ride. My legs felt great the whole ride until the last 30 min. I am out of shape more than I ever have been this time of year. That ride was my only ride in 7 days so I will try to get some more hrs in starting in Feb. or March.

Father you are wonderful in every way. You have given me so much! Thank you Lord for your Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for my Health, Family and Friends. Father I pray that you become the food and water I need to survive each day of my life. I pray that I focus constantly on You. AMEN.

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racer girl 13 said...

if anyone can find the strength to train, find a balance with family, God, and personal health, I know you will.