Friday, January 12, 2007

You call yourself a Christian?

I don't watch TV that much, but the other night I watched a show of how the mothers switch. The one mother was a so called Christian and the other mother was a Satan worshiper or close enough.

This was a very sad show! Sick, but very sad. Any way they go to each others houses and try to teach them the way things could be better. Both ended up changing there ways and the Satan people went to church and the so called christian mother let her kids got outside the house unsupervised.

We all do things that are not right to others. No one is perfect! Jesus is a free gift. Why don't people take the gift of ever lasting life? I know some of the reasons why but not all. Is that why people turn to prayer when they are on there death bed? How about when people are really happy with the way they are living now. They may ask themselves why should I change now I have it all.

All these things are making me ill! My heart goes out to people who have No Clue. The best thing to do if you see, hear or make every day contact with these people, is to pray for them. It is always great to pray for others.

My struggle is the way I eat and the things I say to others. Sometimes sorry is to late so I ask for prayer to say the right things. The way I eat! I think that says it all. I would be 300 pounds if I didn't ride. I want to lose weight but I lose momentum. I do good for about 6 weeks and go back to eating bad for 4 months. It is something I have to work with everyday and sometimes I just eat not even thinking about what this will do in the long run.

God has put the right people in my life. I think I would be sitting on the couch at 350 pounds or even dead if it weren't for family and friends.

That's where I will finish up with this one. You need others to help you from being that so called Christian or the Satan worshiper. People are in ruts every day so help each other out!

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