Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It won't be long now

The weather is changing and it is getting warmer. I hope to be on the bike this week. Last year at this time I had 122 hrs. This year I have 22 hrs Total. I hope I can boost that number up soon. For the month of Jan I rode 18 hrs, feb 4hrs and 19 mins. I think it is great spending more time with the family right now. I am a procrastinator and weather permitting I still have time to get ready by the end of May.

On a sad note Caylin, Becky and I all went outside to play in the snow. That was so much Fun! Sad part is we are not moving up north any time soon. It was so much fun to see her hitting me with snowballs and sledding down the hill by herself.

Wednesday Orrville club rides are coming soon as well as races in april and Church softball in May. I haven't played softball in a long time. At least six years. Caylin will have a great time seeing Daddy hit the ball. Then she will tell me to run, don't forget to slide.

Speaking of sliding, I tried to go to work today. Sheet of ice so I went back into the driveway after almost falling twice.


Anonymous said...

i don't feel so bad about my hours reading this. even if I have only 3 for feb.

JC's said...

Sometimes other things are more important at that time.

To bad I don't have an excuse.

Anonymous said...

what I think sucks is training so much for so long for so little results...and Tim Tyler's box of mini cliff bars for 1st place. I would just rather ride tours. I can't beat you anyways.

JC's said...

I can't afford to race anymore. Spent all the money last year traveling. I may race april 14th at Granville.Then I will do RATL, other than that, time will tell.

racer girl 13 said...

I chose a ride with friends over the Tyler race, had great company, coffee and food in the middle, and then enjoyed the evening with my sister. Sometimes, there are things other than races that need to win out. Then, when you need to prove something to yourself, or others, have at the racing, and have a blast doing it. Don't feel bad about where you are in your training. The season is plenty long, and your teammates will help motivate you. See you at RATL!