Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Wow I am going to be busy till Easter! I may not get to race till the weekend after Easter. I think that is what I did the very first year I started racing. My first race was a cat 3/4 race at malabar farms. Tym Tyler put that race on. We had like 70 racers in our group and only 7 in the cat 1/2 field. Things sure have changed since then...Not! By the way that day it was snowing, I think it was March 31st or something like that. Any way I plan on getting on the bike again after taking off for 2 months, well I only have in 42 hours in the last 2 months. I have 3 hrs in the last 3 weeks all on one day that I mentioned on the other post.

So it's been 5 months since I was going to start losing weight. I have been doing good with my my family goal. I have been going to Church a lot more and almost every Sunday. Caylin Loves going to Church! Becky and I also do. I have read at least one book almost two books since then. Also I have had Bible study with families from the Church. We have a great time, but there is always food. Big problem for me, but that's ok. I just told one of my friends from Church I want to play softball again. He said our minister is thinking about it too. So I will have a very full year even without cycling.

God has become the priority in my life again and I am so much happier! I will have more time to ride when the weather gets nice, so then I can take Caylin with me. I still think there is a chance for me to be ready by the end of May but we will see. I have not rode my bike inside yet, but I plan on it real soon. I can't wait to race this year, it will be a miracle even if I finish!

Just got my awesome uniforms from Team GodSpeed! They are sweet!!! Yellow has and will always be my color! Thanks to Team GodSpeed, they are busy, busy, busy. They have a lot of things planned for 2007. I pray that God gives us the energy we need to get all the work done.

Almost forgot I saw on A&F's website Timmy won his first race! Great job Timmy! Also Harper and Hekman won as well! I can't wait to see them race this year!

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