Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bike is downstairs

Last night I put my Trek downstairs. Hey it's a start! Tonight I hope to get on the bike and ride it. I may even leave it downstairs for good, thanks to Tim Jackson.

My sponsored A&F bike was broke and I sent it back to Tim. He sent me another awesome Masi bike. I don't know who was more excited Caylin or me? With the bike came the important bubble wrap to protect the bike. I wonder where you buy that stuff? Caylin had a blast last night and so did we watching her or listening to her. I took a couple of pics cause she was having so much fun, it was a Kodak moment.

I met Tim Jackson at the A&F team training camp last year and he gave us those awesome bikes and his sincere opinions! The Masi bike handle perfectly last year, even at my Top speed ever. At the National Road Race Championships I hit over 68 mph. Yes I was the first one down the Mountain by far. The bike felt like I was going only 50 mph, I couldn't believe it! Tim is a great Man and I wish him and his family the best. I will put up a new post when I ride the new Masi Bike, but I don't think I will try to go as fast unless I don't realize it again which is a possibility.



Vincent said...

you break alot of bikes. why do you have to be so violent with them?

JC's said...

I may regret saying this but I have broken more bikes then bones.
So when that day comes I may be less violent with the bikes.

I think that I should be the one testing out all the bikes in the world.

I put out some watts but I don't know how much. I hope to use my Dads Power Meter more.

We switched wheels once this year and it was pretty nice seeing how many watts I can put out.

I can't wait till I am in shape to test the limits.

Instead of 210 pounds like the last 4 years I hope to be a lot lower than that, but as for now I am still 210 and really out of shape!