Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just in time

This Pic was taking right before Halloween Night. Well my eye has still been a problem so I ask that you pray for healing and a reason why it has been blurry for two weeks now if it is meant to be. Please pray for my family and that my eye will return to its normal sight if it be the Lord's will. Here is a very scary Pic:


Bill said...


Praying that your eye heals, hope your better at this time.
Please tell your Father thank you for the cycling DVD also, he did a great job on it.

Bill and Tony Marut

JC's said...

Thanks Bill and Tony. For Dads first time doing a video I thought he did a good job. It was easy to follow the races.

Thanks for the prayers pray that my family will not worry and that my left eye will be healed.

In Gods Hands,

Junior Bike Racer said...

Jeremy, we miss you at the races! Our prayers are with you too. We'll see you at the bike build.

JC's said...

Thanks Drew I hope I can make it. We are supposed to be out of town that weekend. Maybe the Lord will have a change of plans.

Great job racing like your blog.