Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So many people came to my mind this morning when I rode my bike to work. So many people need prayers. When I pray I always tell God how wonderful He is and How everything He created is so awesome. Then I come to the point in my prayer life that I struggle with. I confess to Him my sins and the things I struggle with weekly. This could be anything you are doing that is not pleasing to God. I know a lot of people including myself need so much prayer in this area. Then after I get that off my chest and give them to Him I thank Him, for everything. Now you will run out of time when you do this but try and think of something new each day. God knows what you thank Him for but He Loves to hear it from us. Then after thanking Him it is time to ask Him for things like Protection, food, shelter, healing, to be rich, be really specific, you will be amazed from the prayers and how they come out. God could make you rich in Love instead of rich in money. Or He could say no you will not be rich in money or wait maybe someday I will give you money. I use the word rich because the Bible talks about being rich in money and how it is the root to all evil. I agree with that 100%. So be careful of what you ask for, but God knows us better than we know ourselves and we should do our best to follow Him in all we do.

I just want to do the right things all the time. How do I do them? Well no one is perfect but it doesn't hurt to try, I start over again ever morning when I go to work because I never do the right things. It seems I struggle every week and I would like to last for at least two weeks or more without struggling. God wants us to Love and have a relationship with Him. In order to do that we need to pray to Him everyday and without end. We should be in prayer all the time with Him. Also we need to spend time in church or fellowship with Him weekly the Bible tells us that. If you come to a church like the one I attend, you are greeted with love and it stays that way no matter how many sundays you miss. Get active in your Church, I pray some of you just make that first step you won't regret it. I also encourage you to get into a group and learn the Bible with others, you learn so much more with others than just one mind. They have lots of different groups for you to join at churches. Singles bible study, family bible studies, Men bible studies, women, youth, and more.

Once you have done this for a while you will realize how wonderful it is. You will see a change in your life and others in your life around you. God will become your focus and you will want to learn more about Him and His Son Jesus. Then you will want to try and live more like Jesus. Everything will be focused on Him and when you are doing just that God will place everything perfectly in your life. Everything will work itself out. You will be asking God to use yourself to bring others closer to Him and that is what it is all about. God wants you to Love everyone and He wants us to Love Him no matter what is going on in your life. You will win every time you choose Him, instead sin.

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