Thursday, December 13, 2007

Upward and Onward

Upward Basketball is going on at our church. This is for young kids who just want to have a great time playing basketball. My mom was in charge of finding prayer partners for 100 days of prayer for Upward Basketball. Overall we have 110 people praying for Upward but could be more. I pray about Upward everyday and hope that everything goes great for the kids. It is all about having fun, not how good you can be. Don't get me wrong, you strive to be the best but be good sportsman and help all others to have fun as well.

In the years I have been cycling I have tried to do this but I am not perfect. One time in St. Albans I was so happy I won I couldn't help but to scream for joy,.... more than once. I gave God all the glory for helping me to win over two major teams of more than 3 riders on each team. Four of those 7 riders trying to beat me have been pros. Also I did the same thing at Miamisburg but we had the same numbers, two against two.

So why do we do these things and get caught up in all the emotion? Satan wants us to destroy others and make sure we pound each other into the ground. God wants us all to have fun and enjoy each others talents and work together. I have found out over the years that I have had
pure joy when I have worked just as equal as other riders and ended up beating the odds, instead of having joy in the moment and wishing I wouldn't have done them.

I share everything with my family they support me and love me as do I. They get to hear all the real stuff that goes on in cycling such as being spit on because I am not wanted in their group. I also remember a time when someone caused a wreck and I couldn't believe all that had happend, so I let the gentleman know. I have never felt so bad about doing that in my entire life, it wasn't even his whole fault.

In the end you get rewards for what took place from the same team members of the rider that spit on you saying "how great you did" or "I really respect you for riding against all 11 of us and beating the odds" things like this are said because God wants you to here them or receive them. God has given me so much and I thank Him for all of these things. Surprises are the best of all. Even when the rider that spits on you says after all that has happend wants you to race with them next year and you already turned them down without knowing.Thank you Jesus!


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