Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Days to pray

Thanks to everyone that has sent me e-mails or posted comments. Prayers always helps no matter the outcome. Well I have two appointments coming so pray for these days and times. But first continue to pray for my family to have a peace of mind, and for whatever it is causing loss of my peripheral vision as well.

The date for the MRI is Dec. 10th at 3:20pm. My Neuro-Ophthalmology Doctors appointment is Dec.18th at 1:00pm. Pray that I will be focused on God and not the problem durning the next few weeks. More importantly I am having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, so I pray I can do that today and from here on out. Time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to focus more on loving one another.

Thanks everyone Love ya,


Tingler said...

dude i have been out of touch and all.
what is going on here? i think you need a new transmission.

JC's said...

Nope just a new window on the drivers side

tingler said...

dang....that was witty.AND funny. how'd you do that?

JC's said...

Sort of like you catching me feed my face with a Banana on video. At least it wasn't a cookie.

I am just praying the Doctors find out what is causing me to lose my sight, cause I don't want to go back to school, even though it took me 3 years to go through High School.