Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bunny Trail

On Saturday we went to the Bunny Trail at OMS. (What a wonderful new school building. Our school district will also be building a new elementary and high school in the coming few years. Caylin will attend all new schools! ) This is an event where businesses throughout the community set up tables and hand out goodies to the kiddos and information about their business to adults. Caylin had a basket full of stuff!

Caylin's favorite part is playing on all the inflatables in the gym. She climbed up a slide that was almost touching the gym ceiling. She was all excited about sliding down the big slide. I don't know if she really liked coming down by the look on her face. She went on the obstacle course inflatable where she had to climb up a "rock wall" and slide down the slide to the finish. She is a go getter. She will try most things.

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