Monday, March 24, 2008

Last two Sundays

Church has been Awesome the last two Sundays. Last weekend was youth Sunday and I enjoyed the message, video clip to get us going, and also the music. The youth group did an excellent job! I have been to other churches where the youth does the music and it is more for me just like our youth did that Sunday.

March 23 - Easter Sunday
Are we going to recognize each other in heaven, and, if we do, will we feel sad when we do not see some of our family and friends there? I loved the way John pulled out scruiptures from the Bible and told us how we would recognize each other. Also how we will always be happy in heaven. I also loved the rest of his message. My brother discussed many other topics the rest of the day, I love that quality of my brothers. When we get together it helps me to think more about the bible and helps prepare uas for the future.

Thank you Lord for an awesome day!

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