Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Homemade Cookin!!!

Going to SC for cycling was well worth the trip. As soon as we got there we took Caylin to the beach, even though it was raining. She was so excited, she kept saying were going to beach! Then Dad and I were dropped off by my Mom, Wife, and Daughter. Dad and I rode out in the rain for over an hour and I thought I would get cold, but with the temps close to 60 I even hosed down all the bikes with water after the ride. That night RGF, The Fernandez's, The Grimm's all went out to eat Seafood, Yummy! I couldn't wait for that! The Seafood was very good.

Saturday we rode for 3 hours mid day and it was a nice 76 degrees. After Dad and I rode back to the hotel we took Caylin to the beach and played for over an hour. Wonderful day thank you Lord. Well after that the day wasn't over yet Dad and I get back on the bikes again and rode a hard two hours. I bonked and thanks to Bob and Busa I could start to get my eye sight back. Just kidding it wasn't that bad. When we finished my Mom, Wife, and Caylin all came over to the Fernandez's for Homemade Lasagna!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Fernandez cooked the best Lasagna ever!!! I had one whole plate and a half a plate of Lasagna. The Pieces of Homemade Lasagna were Enormous!!! Did I mention it was the best tasting Lasagna ever!!!!! Ok I am definitely bragging now. The sizes were at least 7 inches long 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. She feed all 14 of us what a wonderful woman. I am so blessed to have been invited to there home. Thank you Fernandez's.

The next morning we rode for 3 hours and again beautiful weather. No traffic smooth roads and I rode myself into the ground so hard that I didn't want to ride again that night. We all dicide to hook up at the bike store in downtown Charlestown. They had Mr. Fernandez Picture frames of races that he won from major races in the shop. How cool is that! We said our good bye's and thanked the Fernandez family for such a great weekend and we missed them as soon as we left.
Later that day we saw alot of historic sights in Charleston and played at the beach with Caylin. Some very memorible times and thanks to Dad we have video of it and pics. That night we had all you can eat Seafood at Giligan's and that is also a great place, but nothing like Homemade Lasagna from Polo's Mom.

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