Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family in Georgia, Greenville Race and the Smoky Mountains

With Family in Georgia we went to the race in Greenville, SC yesterday. Tried every break and knew I wouldn't have anything for the sprint in the end. So I tried solo and also with breaks but no one wanted to work with me. Took a $25 early and so I was happy the rest of the race. Met George and Rich Hancapie and gave them pics that Dad took when we were 9. Went to Church this morning with Brad and Jessie, Awesome Church! Caylin was very very sad to leave Brad and Jessie. It wasn't long before Caylin and I were pretending to be them. She still has to do the whole getting married part with the rings and kiss thing, so much Drama! LOL I will always remember these great times with her. Daddy Loves you Caylin your the best girl! After we ate at O'Charley's or should I say after I ate everyone elses meals we said our goodbyes and left to go to the Smoky Mountains, great idea dad! I could live in those mountains forever! God sure can make a beautiful picture to last a lifetime. Best time on a bike I have ever had. I could quit racing forever and just spend my vacation riding in the mountains.

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