Sunday, April 05, 2009

Zansfield Bike Race

I wanted to sit in the field today since I had a little bit of a cold. I was praying that I could race the cold out of me. This race course Greg Lemond once did back in the 80's. It was a very hilly course and with the wind it made it seem even longer. I am so tired of hills already this year. I can't wait for a flat course, I guess a crit would be ok. I just like the open road with no hills or a couple of small hills, not 1 mile climbs. I am praying these hills will make me better though. Thanks to Tym Tyler putting on these great races that are so hard and with very little traffic to keep us safe. Tym also had help on every corner to keep us safe. I had tried several times to get away from the others but I could not get away until the last mile. The Hammer products came through better than I thought they would even with my cold. My legs were crampy Friday night and Saturday morning. My legs felt good during the warm up and also through the last effort of the race. I thank the Lord for a very good day and keeping me safe as my Felt sprint took off at every attack perfectly, as well as the down hill at 60 mph.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

This is your year Jeremy. Keep up the great racing and never doubt yourself.

K.K. (Caylin), Beauty (Becky), or the Beast (Jeremy) said...

Thanks it is hard when you start to think, if you know what I am saying. Sometimes I wonder what I should do and it came down to the last mile of the race for me to decide to go or not to go. I have always thought that cycling is like a game of Chess, move and think at the same time. Always know what to do if it goes wrong or right.

Tim Swain said...

Nice race Jeremy. you are riding well. hope the fam is doing well . . . . p.s. we'll have a new addition to the family in June.