Saturday, March 28, 2009

Malabar Farm

Good to be done with that race. Now time to ride home, well almost home.

I cropped myself out of this pic, cause these guys look like racers.
We had a total of seven Panther/RGF pb Felt racers today. I told the guys I had some frustration that I needed to get rid of early in this race. So I took off on a downhill, have to use my weight advantage, before the last climb of the 10 mile loop. I grew a quick 1 min gap before the end of the first lap and took my time to the 4 mile flat section, then went hard again. I still had 45 seconds on the chase group and over 1 min on the field. I knew the chase group would catch me so I waited for them at the top of the climb, they would have caught me before the next lap anyway. Plus I saw D.C. coming and knew that he would help me out. Then P.M. Came out of nowhere and bridged up to all five of us. I rested before the climb to make sure I could go with the climbers up the 1 mile climb. I rested to much and at the top I attacked because one of the riders sounded like he was done. No more attacks were made until we passed the line with one lap to go and D.C. took off after one rider attacked. Paul and I were able to get away from the other two riders. D.C. won the race, Awesome! Paul helped me get 2nd place as he took 3rd. As for the other 4 riders I heard Andy Clarke, and Andy Moskal pulled back everything. In the end Andy Clarke pulled back everything so Andy Moskal could get the record for the fastest speed up the 1 mile climb, Lazer had to be in his 53-11 going up that climb. The hammer products worked great again today. The Felt bike took a beating today with a 198 pound body flexing that bike so hard the headset came loose. I had D.C. and my Dad tighten the headset back up before I rode back home 25 more miles on worse roads the the bike race was on. I love that Felt bike it is so sweet! Panther/RGF pb Felt Cycling Team has already made a huge impact in my life already, I Love this Team!


Tony said...

Awesome race Jeremy! Congrats

Jonathan said...

Tighten up those chin straps fellas!!