Monday, August 14, 2006

Harvesyburg Race

I have been very busy getting ready for Nationals and I hope I find a new pair of legs in the next 4 days. Caylin just went down for a nap so I have some time, she is the greatest gift of all thank you Lord. Becky is also, she went shopping cause I am always hungry and also we only have a few days left to fill up with cheap gas for our car. I think we get 50 cents off for each gallon, I love Becky so much she is the Best.

So my Mom drives, Dad, Becky, Caylin and I to the race. Thanks to my brother and his wife we stayed only 35 mins away from the race. They are the best, I think we owe them like for a whole years payment for there home, thank you guys so much. Dad is already at the race out in the heat, we dropped him off so he could race and I could go eat at Wendy's with our family. It's all about the food for me. It's been a long time, since like yesterday, but I think I had a Chocolate Frosty cause they didn't have vanilla, I thought I was going to do horrible.

Mom, Becky and Caylin dropped me off at the race after we ate and went shopping. I told them not to come back till the end of the race since it was so hot! It had to be over 100 and no shade trees. Abercrombie & Fitch had great success today! From the start of the race Hekman took off and we went around the first turn going 30+ mph. Everyone got clipped in finally and then I took off, they caught me then Rish took off! Wow we were flying! Bell rang and Rish set me up perfectly for the prime. I went flying around Rish in the turn and took whatever they had to give me and my teammates. So then I kept going and blew up.

At one point in the race our team (Abercrombie & Fitch) had 3 riders up front and I was praying we could keep it that way. Can't remember when the bell rang the 2nd time but I got that one too, more stuff for the Team. I remember I took off before we heard the bell at the line. So I was attacking and I kept going . Mike Busa grabbed my wheel and we took off from there. He worked real hard and I sat on him for the prime. He wanted to work together so we did for almost the rest of the race. We headed into turn 3 and I came up on the outside of Mike, at this point the field is 30 sec. behind us. I thought I had enough room on the road so I didn't hit my brakes. I slid out on the old grass clippings on the side of the road. I bounced up off the pavement like a bouncy ball and grabbed a water bottle that fell out. The other bottle was 30 feet behind me. I made it into the field and Hekman said take a free lap. There was my Dad waving me down with his bike in hands just in case, thanks Dad. I got a free lap and felt so stupid for wrecking just because I didn't want to hit my brakes, and I was also overlapping his wheel.

Mike kept the break alive and I joined him again. Since he was out there for one lap pulling I said to myself I better give him a break. So I pulled for a whole lap as well. I think we did that twice and we had over a min on the field, we gianed 30 sec in 2 laps. Next thing we know one of each of our teammates were coming up to join us. So we just slowed down a little and the gap was closing fast. Going up the little knoll I was breathing really hard and Mike looked over at me. The next time we went up the knoll he attacked me. I jumped up to him and then went around him leaving a big gap between us. Mike kept closing the gap so I slowed. I knew I was stronger then so I attacked again before the knoll, this time Mike was dropped for good.

Then I had to keep going cause Mike's teammate was right behind us. So I have about 20 sec ahead of Mike, Jeff and my teammate Hekman. Hekman is waving his arm at me yelling go go go... I tried hard to hold off Mike and Jeff that I blew up and my lead was now down to 8 sec with 2 laps to go. 2 Very long Laps left, I dug down deep and Prayed that I would make it across the line first. One to go and the gap is still 8 sec I can do it, maybe... I gave it everything I had and it worked Thank You Jesus! Hekman finished right beside me almost taking the win.

Hekman won a prime when Jeff and him were closing in on Mike and I. I told Hekman thanks for letting me win. We took 1st, 2nd and 9th that day, and it was a great day for A&F.

Thank you again Lord for no broken bones and my wounds are almost healed now. Thanks for a fun day in the heat. Also thanks for cooling it down at the start time of our race, a couple of clouds came out to hide the sun and the wind was blowing nicely. Mom, Becky and Caylin missed my wreck thank the Lord for that and they saw the finish, perfect timing. Thanks to all yelling at me to go harder when I had nothing left, that kept me going. Hope this will hold you over for awhile Dave? Your the Man! Thanks for pushing me to type this down, what's it been 3 weeks?

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Lapped said...

ok great that took long enough.
So howbout, Worthington, Hilliard, Grove City...? I wanna hear how cool it was to have one guy block the entire field from the three man break at Grove City.