Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Painful Weekend

This past weekend was the Ohio State Criterium Championships. Friday was the first race at Worthington. Kirk Albers from Jelly Belly was there and a couple others. This course looked like it was hard as I warmed up on it. My legs felt good going into the race. The race started out hard and fast, it seemed like everyone was going to gang up on A&F. Tim and Jim from A&F were also there. Nate Z. took off and Tim went after him. Those two road together for a couple of laps. Tim had a mechanical running over a cat on the course. From then on Nate was out there alone until the last 5 laps. Kirk and Jeff bridged up to Nate with 5 to go. Kirk won the race, Jeff was 2nd, and Nate was 3rd. I barely hung on for 9th. I pushed myself really hard the whole race. I felt like I was going to die. Caylin made it all better she said, "Good job Daddy!" as she patted me on the back.

Saturday's race was at Hilliard. This was the Ohio State Criterium Championship for elite riders. We had 5 A&F riders there, Todd, Jimmy, Tim, Shawn, and myself. My legs felt horrible going into the race. That hill payed its toll on me yesterday. Today we had 2 180 turns and a round about. The race started out pretty quick. I sat in for a little bit and I then decided to make a go at it. I felt like I had a little bit more power than I thought I would have. Once the field caught me, Nate took off. I rested while Todd pulled the field along to keep Nate in check. Once I felt better I went after Nate. It took me 2 laps to catch him and it hurt BAD! I felt a sigh of relief when I caught Nate. So I rested on Nate's wheel for a lap, then I started to work with him. We had a great gap from the field until Shawn and Dan came up. After that it was ballgame. Once those 2 caught up with us it didn't take long to move away from the field. We almost ended up lapping the field. I am glad we didn't though because I was hurting the whole time those 3 were pulling. Since my teammate was in the break with me I didn't pull as hard as the other 3. My legs were getting weaker and weaker as the race went on. With 3 laps left, Nate attacked and fortunately Shawn jumped up to his wheel and I followed. Dan caught back on after one lap. If Shawn wouldn't of got Nate's wheel Nate would of won. Shawn road a perfect race and we won because of his hard efforts and perfect decision making. I waited on Nate's wheel til the last 100 meters to come around him. I beat him by only a half a wheel. Great job to Shawn, Nate, and Dan. Great racing boys! Caylin wanted to come up on the podium with me. I told her to raise her hands like Daddy! If I can figure out how to download pictures on this blog without taking so long I would do it.

Sunday's race was in Grove City. This was the Master's 30+ Ohio State Criterium Championship. This is the best course I have ever done. Thanks to Ten Speed Production for putting on this great racing series. This was a very technical course with 8 turns and it was all flat. My favorite! My legs didn't hurt at all. I just didn't have any power all day. I tried to get away at least 3 times. Everytime it seemed like I blew myself up where as my legs could go for at least 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Also my jumps were slow so I used the corners to accelerate. I got to race with Dave Tingler and he gave me words of encouragement while we were racing. Thanks Dave for believing in me. I wanted to beat that one guy, Joe Whitlock, Andy wish you would have taken 2nd instead. Or I wish Tingler could have won instead cause he is the Man! Joe seems like a nice guy off the bike, but when we were racing I clipped my pedal in the turn when I attacked and my rear wheel came up off the ground. I told Joe, "I clipped my pedal there." Joe said, "Yeah, next time go down." I thought about it after the race and I wished I would of said, " Well with you behind me the whole race I would of taken you down with me." You see Joe was a wheel sucker that day and he never did any work at all, that I saw. But, that's how some people play the game. It just wasn't my strategy that day. My strategy worked I ended up winning. Nice guys do finish first. It is amazing how well the bike handles compared to other bikes I have ridden. I clipped my pedal pretty hard that day. It must of scared Joe pretty bad so he must of thought I was going to wreck. Not once all weekend did I think that. My problem is I take chances when other riders don't. I am sure there will be a day when that happens to me. Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for keeping me safe again and also to my Mom, Dad, Becky and Caylin for being there with me all weekend. Love all

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