Friday, August 18, 2006

Somedays are out of sorts but God is there!

Sometimes we all are wanting other things or have something different on our minds. It's a good thing God puts people in our lives to knock some since back into our worldly minds. When my Christian brother wrote this to me I felt like I should be writing these things to help get me back on track. What am I doing I asked myself? Be happy do what God wants you to do not what I want to do. I am so far away from doing things right but I am trying. Trying to let people know that there will always be someone there for you, someone to pick you up when things are going the wrong way and you don't see it right away. God is there always and He will help you even when you don't know you need it. Do not ask to receive ask how can you use me God to help others come to know you more. God Is Love!

This is what my Chrisitan Brother wrote, Thanks Brother:

Hey, maybe it's just me, but you seemed out of sorts Saturday. I'm
guessing you were just a bit frazzled from being so busy, but I wanted
to check and for sure let you know that I was thinking about you.
I don't know if this applies, but I was just thinking about this so I'll
share it with you. Take what you will from it... Mostly, I like to
type out my thoughts from time to time. You happen to be the "lucky"
recipient. These exercises mainly help me refocus, but I like to email
them just in case they become meaningful for others. Put it in the "for
what it's worth" bin. Unfortunately, I also happen to be a fairly fast
typist, so these things get lengthy. Feel no need to reply, unless you
just can't help yourself.
You know, it's so easy for us to unconsciously protect ourselves from
the outside world. We don't want them to know that we're weak or frail
or broken or suffering. It's particularly bad for males, but even worse
for cyclists. We're used to pushing ourselves up to and beyond our
limits all the time, day after day. Even when our bodies break down, we
don't want to admit it and recover. Well, when we don't face up to our
frailties, when we always "need" to be in control, to have things
figured out, to stay on top of things, "be a man", we miss a golden
opportunity to trust God.
Now, I'm not talking about giving up or doing nothing, but the first
(and I believe most important) step is to put God in control of our
lives. Many times when we talk to God, we ask him to do this for us or make that clear or fix this situation. But, not as often do we put a situation in his hands and just trust him with it. How do you do that? Well, I think that means that if we are trusting him with the situation, we act like it. We don't walk in worry, we don't fret, we don't lose sleep, we don't keep begging God for something that we really, really, really want. Yes, we're supposed to present our requests to God. And, I'm very thankful that God gives me wonderful and precious gifts and that he loves doing it. I just think sometimes we're too focused on what we want and not enough focused on what God may be trying to do at the time.That's a really hard lesson to learn. We go to God and we feel pretty good that we asked God for what we wanted. But many times, we're simply treating God like a credit card or a bottomless bank account. Oh God, work this situation out in this exact way and make everybody involved happy to be doing such a great thing for me. I'm exaggerating a bit, but is it so far from the truth?So what should we do? First, go right ahead and tell God what you "think" you want. I say "think" in quotes for a good reason. Realize that what you think you want, may not be best for you. So, the next thing you do is look to see what God is actually doing. If something about what you want seems to be frustrated, search your heart through listening to God to see if maybe God is in that frustration. Maybe he's trying to redirect you a bit. If you are trusting that he wants to give you good gifts, he's probably trying to protect you or bring you to a deeper level of trust or provide you something completely different that will be even better.
Now, when I use the word "better", don't necessarily think I mean a better material blessing. Sometimes "better" is discipline. Sometimes God wants to refocus us, to sharpen us, to change us. That's OK. Go with it, baby. If you need changin', resisting it will only set you back. There's that thing you really want, but God knows your motives. He wants to soften you, to prepare you for good works. He wants to give you good things, but he so much more wants to use you, to make your life count, to see you live out his plan for your life. Don't miss the great things God wants to do in you and through you just to seek out those temporal things, those things that will fade away and won't ever be remembered.As I said, these are my ramblings from what God has placed on my heart. If you find something of value to you, fantastic. Pass it on, if appropriate.Jimbo

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racer girl 13 said...

Jeremy, thank you for sharing your brother's words. How appropriate for me to be reading right now.