Saturday, September 15, 2007

Final Stop for Ohio Cup

Caylin was asking me why are you outside in the rain?

What she wanted to say was get inside before you catch a cold.

Thank you OCA!

Well it rained again for another Road Race which was fine by me. Well not really, the downhill section of the course had chip and seal on it so it tore up a lot of tires. Dad put brand new tubulars on his wheels and let me race on them for Grand Rapids. They worked great and thought I would have problems with the track racing slick on the front in all those turns but the Lord kept me upright.

Well with the rain and only a few turns the race would not be decided in the turns. I did take it very easy in them though. Brent started the pace strong for the first several miles then a break got away with my teammate Bob Martin up the road. I knew he would be great in the break away but then he had a broken seat post so he had to DNF. I don't recall to much of the race after that I was so tired from my trip the day before. All I know is I tried hard to work in the breaks and make sure I would be able to try and win this race. I felt good about that until I had a flat tire going up the hill before 2 laps to go. I changed the flat before Steels Corner so I would have the downhill to chase back on. Sorry the van blocked everyones way and slowed everyone down. I heard the front group got slowed down as well. We had 7 guys still strong in the chase group so there was no way they were gone for good. I didn't know how Dave was feeling but I was not feeling good after I stopped out of the break to change my rear tire. As the chase group of Albers and my Teammate Dave went by I knew it would hurt to get back on.

As soon as I got back on I rested for the rest of the downhill and then we hit the uphill section. I looked behind me to see if Dave was still there and he was so I worked a little knowing I was cooked. Once we caught the break no one did anything till the 2nd to last roller which was great for me and my teammate Dave. Here is the video showing Dave won with ease. Great Job Dave!

Thank you Lord for the great day and my family there watching and supporting me in the rain. You blessed me once again and protected me from crashing. You have also provided me a great sponsor in that I will do your will so that more will come to know you as I do. May my actions in all that I do reflect you Lord.

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