Sunday, September 09, 2007

Warm Welcome

Sat Sept. 1st Ohio State Crit Championships. Today I signed a contract with RGF Solutions. Nice sunny day and the course was awesome, and Tyler payed out great with low turnout of racers. I met Andy Clarke of RGF today. I raced against him at Summer Solstice this year. I remember him being really strong and a great guy. I was dead on those subjects. Andy won the Ohio State TT by 40 seconds over 2nd place finisher Paul Martin, and I got a taste of Andy's power when he pulled me away from everyone else.

Polo made this whole sponsorship deal happen. My 2nd year of racing was one of my best because I felt like all the guys on the team were my brothers, so when Polo e-mailed me I was more than happy to sign the deal. Polo gave me some goodies today so I wouldn't stand out from the rest of the racers. The colors are hard to pick out in a race compared to the Yellow Team GodSpeed uniforms I have, we will add some yellow for 2008.

Stephan, Dave, Anthony, and Dick were at the race too. Dave and talked about families and our trip to Baltimore, Md. for Bike jam we did one year together with Stephan when we were on different teams. Well actually Dave was on a different team but we all got together really well. That was the time when my grandma had ice cream and brownies for us at 1:00am we got up 5 hours later and rushed to the race. Great times.

Dave finished 6th today and Stephan got 10th after not riding for a month, he was over in Romania, where he grew up as the Junior National Champion.

I got 2nd today and Andy won the race, man does it feel good to win as a team.

Thanks to all the sponsors and RGF Solutions for the rest of this year and next.

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