Friday, September 21, 2007

Didn't Plan That

I thought that this weekend I would be going to church but Dad had told me we could go out to see Grandpa and Grandma. They live in Maryland, and on the way home we could go to a bike race or two. I looked up the race and I knew there would be a bunch of racers there. Meridith GPOA had 12 riders and Rite Aid Pro cycling team was also there with 3 guys. Kelly Benefits Pro Team was also there as well as a couple other Pros I had no idea would be there as well. Dad took a pic of Stubna all smiles of course, that whole team is great.

Last year Carney won the race so I guess it was good to go and get beat up a little. I had a great start and stayed with every move I thought would work. I felt better than I had all year and I knew today I could do anything I wanted, so I did. No Primes were given out all day even though they said they would, but they never said anything once we got at the line to start. We had 60 starters and they dropped fast with a nice hill in the course, which was fine with me.

God really blessed my legs today everything was going perfect for me. Then with 18 miles or laps to go Tom Soliday attacks right after all the big boys had been in the break that I just worked in. I didn't know who this rider was until I jumped up to him solo. While we were in the break that I didn't feel too comfortable being in after 3 laps, they said look at Soliday and Grimm they have a 24 second gap. Soliday was hammering and I started to feel a little tired. I told Tom I was done working and he was ok with it, I am pretty sure he knew I was hurting.

Well there we are in front of the pack by 5 seconds hoping someone would join us, but no go. I then thought to myself I am feeling pretty good I think I will pull as hard as I can for a lap. We put 10 seconds on them in one lap with 6 to go. As I went around the corner of the first turn I pulled over to fast and to hard and clipped my pedal hard enough to roll my tubular off the rim. Couldn't get the wheel changed quick enough to jump in with Soliday so now I am back with the field and we have 5 to go.

I rested the whole time as they caught Soliday and now it was game time. The first person in the last turn wins. 2 laps to go and I am sitting on the lead out man for Rite Aid Pro cycling team. He had long blond hair sticking out of his helmet whoever that is. He took off so fast a had about 2 bike length gaps between us. I looked back to see what would happen and nothing. I knew I would catch him fast and I was right. When we got through the last turn he gave it everything he had and I was sitting down still and I don't know why I didn't go around him but 3 others did and 2 were his teammates. Stephan won the race and his teammate took himself out of the race, as well as Jared and I. I guess Rite Aid wanted to be greedy or something cause at the last 2nd the so called Pro cut off Jared into the turn and we had to hit our breaks. I felt fine going into the turn and I think I went faster through that same turn when I caught Tom for our break.

You can see in the video we slowed down after the pack started to. I almost made it through the turn and it would have been so nice, but it just wasn't meant to be. I keep telling my self maybe next time but now I have to wait till next year. I tore up my left arm real good but my hip is good already. The worst part is the bruised ribs which hurt worse after I was applying pressure to them in the car on the way home. I heard and felt something pop while pushing on them, and then it hurt worse after doing it. It doesn't hurt that bad anymore but will make sure if it gets worse to check with the Doc.

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tingler said...

that sux, but way cool to have yourself on vid crashing. ur blog is coming along nicely