Monday, September 10, 2007

Make Up Games

Yes after three days of racing I am playing two games on the same night after 8 hrs of work and my legs have been burning ALL DAY! I am complaining I know sometimes it helps to let it out. Well we won the first game in 3 innings but I had to run all night cause I got on base and Dex kept hitting the ball on the grass in between fielder's like you should do, why he chose tonight, to see how much pain my legs were giving me. Or he wanted to see my legs give out on me and do a face plant in the dirt.

Well the next game was against the best team in the league. I knew after one game our guys were just getting warmed up and the fire was lit. We scored 5 in the first 5 in the second and then they scored 10 in one inning with no errors. 8 runs with two outs, very impressive. It still didn't phase us. We kept tacking on runs here and there. It came down to the last inning we batted first and we scored 3 runs and had 3 men on when I came to the plate. So we were ahead by 6 and knew we needed to keep going. I was getting tired of Dex placing the ball just right so I would have to run. The last couple of times I held him up and he gave me some sympathy. Well the last time I came to bat we had 3 on like I wrote and I had hit the ball hard two times in a row my last two at bats and I was thinking about Dex hitting behind me again. I said "God please hit the ball over the fence cause if I have to run one more time I am going to cry. God gave me the strength to hit my 2nd Homerun of the year and the other team couldn't come back to win after we scored more than 6 runs that inning.

Thank you Jesus I didn't cry or do a face plant in front of everyone, fun game and great guys.

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