Friday, February 29, 2008

I smile

Hi Daddy,

I love you. Daddy come home from work so I can play with you! I want to ride bikes with me daddy. Play games and um watch a bideo and paint. Color um eat.

Were going to go to my haircut. Mommy is going to my haircut they are going to paint her hair.
Talk to you later, bye, bye,
Love you, Caylin

(Caylin dictated this to me!)

I smile everytime I look at this e-mail so I had to post it today. I enjoy getting mail from Becky and Caylin. We have a mail box for Caylin and she loves getting mail. Did I mention she loves to talk on the phone too.

Thank you Lord for Caylin and family.


James Anderson said...

Mr. Grimm, I visited your blog for the first time today and I really appreciate it.
Congrats on your third place at Arnold Cycling Challenge.

JC's said...

Thanks James, I looked at your blog too. Pretty awesome blog you will have to help me out with mine.