Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Hilliest Race I have ever done

Today was a perfct day for long riding and that is just what I did. I have the sun on my legs and arms to prove it. Today was the real test of the new sponsor I have. A shout out to Wes for helping me all winter long and for his introduction to Jason. I have something every cyclist wishes he had. More on that stuff later when the time is right.

I rode the course with Dad before the race started. I have to say that this course was going to be a big test for me. Our group of 15 started out easy and just riding up the major climb for the first time. I have to admit it was far from easy even the first time. Nothing really happened until after the 2nd time up the major climb. I had dropped my chain from too much pressure while trying to shift before the major climb. I think I was in the lower chain ring for more than half a lap everytime. We had a strong headwind and cross headwind. We really had very little tail wind sections because it was on the downhill part of the course.

I felt great about the F1 Sprint Climbing and the Hammer products were working overtime today. Well I managed to make an attack work at the top of the major climb and we had a group of 4. Andrew Willis, Jason Stoner, Marco Aledia, and myself. We had worked together and had a great gap from the rest. I then tried to power shift again to the lower chain ring, I dropped the chain again. This time Marco was pushing me while I was trying to get the chain on it. It seemed like forever. I even got my hands dirty while he was pushing me.

They all waited for me as I had to get off my bike and shift it to the lower chain ring. I saw the others coming and I knew I had to work hard to stay away. I blew myself up geting to the others waiting on me, I felt so bad that they had to wait so I lead the charge as long as I could to stay away from the others so it would just be us 4. Marco, and Andrew kicked it on the 18% part of the Major climb the last time up the monster of a climb and my legs could only go for a couple of pedal strokes. Marco won and Andrew took second and I took 3rd. I talked with Jason who took 4th after the race. He is a great guy, I enjoyed talking with him all the way back to the Orchard.

Good news is my Dads Tufo tires worked good and I enjoyed riding with a tail wind back home for another 22 miles after the race. Thanks to my Dad for the support and time waiting till my legs were run dry. My family had a great day shopping as well. Thanks to God for a beautiful day, to family, and sponsors for this great day of cycling.

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Ray Huang said...

The course sounded perfect for me...only the 22 year old me!! Not the 43 year old me!! Great job RGF!