Monday, March 16, 2009

Mid Ohio Race Course

This weekend we had planned to have camp in Charleston, SC. at the Fernandez residence. Our prayers all go out to the Fernandez family. We had an awesome time last year and are very thankful for all the plans that went into going this year.

Caylin and Becky were getting ready to go to Comfort Inn Splash Harbor and I was going to meet up with them later after the race. I enjoyed watching my Dad's race, he took 7th place and worked with the chase group to catch Tym Tyler who won. Great job Dad! Our Team lined up for the race, well most of us did.

We had Polo, Paul, Dave, Moskal, Clarke, and I. It was a nice day with temps in the 40's and Sunny. I attacked with 17 laps to go on a 2.5 mile course and was joined by Tris and Thom. I had all the Hammer products I needed before and during the race and knew I would need some after the race as well. I had a very hard week of riding and didn't know how my legs would react. After letting Tris and Thom work for 3 laps I decided to try and push it by myself to see how they would do. I ended up dropping Thom and Tris was going good so we worked together the rest of the race. I saw that my team was doing a good job of splitting the field but 4 others were coming hard behind us in the closing laps as we were about to lap the 3/4 field. The 3/4 field let us go around without a tow and I decided to hit the pace harder. We kept the same pace as the 4 behind us, and my Teammate Andy Moskal was in that group working hard to get into shape for this year.

As Tris and I lapped the remaining riders Tris and I were offered help but I told them no! My heart was talking at that point then I thought about it later. I was still glad we didn't get any help after knowing the outcome of the race. I was hurting and didn't know if I could beat Tris in the end. So on the last lap I tested my legs early before the big climb and the Felt bike jumped up above 1600 watts instantly. My legs were my big concern, but the Hammer products worked perfectly. I don't know when Paul pulled Marco Aledia up to the chase group of four, but Marco pulled out an impressive 3rd place finish. Andy Moskal took a close 4th place and Paul finished in the top 8 with a lead out to Andy Moskal. Good day overall but will only get better as time keeps ticking away. It is early and the season has not even started for some yet.

I thanked our great cheering section after the race, Andy Clarke's Family was there Cheering me on as well as my Dad, Wife, and Daughter. I then went swimming for a couple hours after I had the buffet at Der Dutchman. Then woke up the next day and ate another Der Dutchman buffet meal and took Caylin swimming again and then for a bike ride to the park. Had a wonderful weekend all within 1 hour from our house. Thanks too Becky's mom we had a great time staying there. She had felt bad she couldn't take Caylin to the Beach in SC because Granny and Ann were sick with the Flu. Granny got out of the hospital Sunday so thank the Lord she is recovering well.

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