Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hueston Woods Bike Race

Chris Durand and I after the race. Chris went solo on the last lap to take 3rd.

Chad telling Ben how he beat me in his little chain ring. Ben took the field sprint for 4th.

I was telling Ben how much Chad enjoyed being on my wheel down the downhill sections.

Wow I need to lose weight!
Dad and I drove around the course before the race. It looked like I had 3 climbs today, but nothing too big. The race started out fast with Inferno and Roadhouse up the road after the first 2 miles of the race. I attacked to try and join the others and everyone was trying to do the same. Once 12 of us caught Chad Burdzilauskas and the two other riders Chad took off again. After 8 miles of the race Chad and I took off from the 9 man chase group and the field of 20 or more had already decided to quit 6 miles into the race. I had all the Hammer gel I needed and I forgot to drink with 20 miles left so I drank half a bottle in 3 seconds. My legs never really felt great like I thought they would today, but they must have been good enough. I wanted to win today, but Chad wouldn't let me. Chad and I worked good together for 42 miles and almost had too much fun in the end. We had 1 min and 30 sec lead over the chase group and it came down to 13 seconds in the last 3 miles. The Lord had blessed me with great legs today even though they felt weird. Thank you Lord for blessing me with the ability to ride my bike.

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