Monday, September 18, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Part 2

After I ? my race tactics, I thought I should have worked in that situation. After all worse case would have been 8 place maybe better. I wasn't to sore and the bike looked good after the crash at 11:30 at night. So Dad drove me back to the hotel and on the way back he told me Brad was in a bad crash. My little Brother Brad who is 6'5" 250 and can bench almost twice my weight. He was with his girl friend Jessie and 3 others. Jessie is such a sweet person I pray for the best for both of them. Some guy cut off there car and they hit the concrete wall... at or around 60 mph. People stopped to help them right away and the car that cut them off never stopped. All are doing better now but still need prayers.

Woke up the next day thanking God Brad and Jessie are alive. My race will be at 7:30 tonight so it will be dark again at the finish. Had a good time at the Zoo with Family and that took up most of the day. It was free at St. Louis and Parking is free also. Also it was a beautiful day so there was traffic! Caylin loved the animals all of them!

Becky, Dad, Caylin and I went to my race that night. I was tired but managed. I go to warm up and I got about half a mile from the van and the saddle breaks. O....No I used my quick thinking and go straight for my Dad. The rails broke clean off on both sides so what he do? He pushed the saddle back about a 1/4 of an inch and we tightend it. It worked, thanks Dad now I can suffer for an hour and a half.

The race had 2 hills in it that I knew would slow me down. It was fun but I knew I wouldn't last.
I couldn't hang on with only 4 laps to go. At least I wasn't in the race on the last lap. Guys went down in the last turn and one rider broke his hip.

Please Lord help heal all we mentioned and others. We will never know when our time hear on earth will end. I pray that you help to use us as your servants to help others come to know you more. I thank you Lord for Brad and Jessie. Continue to let there lights shine for you Lord as well as mine.

More to come...

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