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Thanks Leslie!

Written by Leslie Pearce-Keating

Thank you Leslie...

I pray that all will read this and help inform our medical field. Please pass this along to every one you know or come in contact with. For more info. please call me or e-mail me 330-683-5303

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Jeremy Curtis Grimm

Jeremy's victory over lyme by Leslie Pearce-Keating

If you saw him today, you'd never believe where he has been. For he appears to be an athlete in top form, with movie star good looks to boot. But Jeremy is someone who has endured the toughest physical challenges that can face a young man, and he has emerged triumphant. This is his story.

For those of you who have read my recent series on Lyme Disease, you know that my 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed in November after a three-year search for answers. When Jeremy and his mom read those columns, they called to lend a helping hand. It was a blessing from God. I asked to write their story.

It all started when Jeremy was a student at Orrville High School in 1991. He actually remembers the day he first took ill...on a white water rafting trip with his church youth group in Pennsylvania. One day, Jeremy was a happy, healthy teen who excelled in every sport. The next, he was bedridden with a high temp and countless ailments. The problem was that those symptoms didn't abate in the months or even years ahead. In fact, they increased. The star pitcher who once threw 89 mph was rendered too ill to lift his head from his pillow.

Like any devoted mom, Rickey wanted answers. Over the next three years, in fact, she and her son consulted 27 doctors about his worsening health, none of whom had answers. Rickey recently shared her son's medical chart and hospital records with me. There was documented proof in black and white of the ER treatment and hospitalization for myriad conditions that plagued her son. Some of the more serious conditions were: loss of consciousness, excessive pulse rates, vomiting blood, blinking uncontrollably, severe dizziness, relentless fatigue, blinding migraine headaches, twitching, dehydration and horrific nose bleeds. Rickey's worst nightmare was happening right before her eyes: her eldest son was terribly ill, and no one could explain why. She confided," More than one doctor accused me of simply wanting attention." But no matter what steps they took, Jeremy's health deteriorated.

However, when Jeremy went to Youngstown State for college, doctors began to listen. Because Jeremy was getting worse, and ambulances were being called to the freshman's dorm on a regular basis. Oftentimes, Jeremy awakened in a pool of his own blood. Or his friends found him unconscious. As Rickey told it, " people started to listen when I wasn't the only one calling for help. Everyone around my son realized just how sick he was."

But it was Jeremy's grandmother who helped put the pieces of the puzzle together. At a routine physical, the caring women told her doctor in Missouri about her grandson's failing health. The doctor asked one magical question: "Has your grandson ever been tested for Lyme Disease?" Rickey's mom immediately researched the disease online and found Dr. Joseph T. Joseph, a Lyme specialist, in Hermitage, PA.

Although Jeremy's initial tests were negative, as Lyme tests often are, Dr. Joseph felt sure of the diagnosis and put the young man on 4000 mg of Amoxicillin a day. He was certain that Jeremy was in the final stages of the disease. One year later, the veil of illness finally began to lift from Jeremy.

As Jeremy, now 30, related, " I often wondered why this happened to me. I prayed and asked God for answers. But now I know, I was meant to help people, people like your daughter, to find her way." And tears clouded the young man's eyes.

Today, Jeremy is still a star athlete. He is an elite bike racer, in fact, who has won many events. But his greatest joy is his marriage to his high school sweetheart, Becky, and his baby girl, Caylin. Jeremy said, "Dr. Joseph always told me, "You can't live in fear." And so I have chosen to live my life fully. And I thank God every day for the second chance He has given me. I am truly blessed."

What Jeremy may not realize is that he has already won the toughest race of his life...against the most daunting opponent he will ever face... Lyme Disease.

To Laura: You are a beautiful young girl, very intelligent, artistic and I am so happy we met. Things will get better soon, continue to be strong and I will always be there for you.


Thank you Jesus for each and every person that has been there for me. I pray that you heal Laura and take away all the pain and suffering she has endured. Give her strength each day to continue to live for you Lord. Amen...


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