Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Start!

I need to change the way I eat! So as of yesterday I started my diet. I will not race another race until I feel I am mentally, physically and spiritually sound. Yes I may not be the next Ohio State Road Race Champ but I will try to fight for that one!

These goals need to be met before my next race: Pray every day. Read the Bible at least once a week, should be every day. Once a month Bible study with wife and or friends. Go to Church more.

185 pounds or less. Don't worry Mom I have been there before in the last 5 years and I can gain weight back very easily. I won't tell anyone what I am shooting for but here is a hint: it is below my high school weight just before junior year. Again Don't worry Mom I know what I am doing and I still need to keep my power and find more somewhere.

That brings me to my next Goal, do some different exercise like jump rope, swim, golf, run, cycle cross, mountain bike, lift weights, sit ups, push ups and or all of the above. Or my other secret trainning method. Notice I didn't say walking that will happen more than I hope with wife and Caylin.

Beat all my secret times other than Deerfield hill. Deerfield hill is more like a 1 min and 30 sec sprint up an 18 % climb. I will try and do it but not full out cause of the weather.

Stupid stuff! Don't ever climb any mountain in the months of Dec-Feb unless it is warmer than 50 degrees at the bottom of the mountain.

Last years racing season was not the best year for me. On the fun scale as a matter of fact it was the least fun I have had out of the last 5 years of cycling. It was because I put to much pressure on myself and going away from home to much. Also it was a new year because of the level I raced at. I want to race at the National level again but in order to do that I need to have all my goals met before I do. I know that if I accomplish these goals God, Family, Friends, Teammates and myself will be rewarded.

So that said I have a lot of work to do, I may give a progress report once a month. If I stick to my goals 2007 will be my best year all around as long as my family, friends, teammates and I are all happy and healthy.

So good luck to all in 2007 and may all the other riders in the area come back stronger than me!


jessie andrews said...

hey jeremy, i just got your email about you blog, and i am really excited! i will be praying for you! you really have an amazing testimony and it is so awesome that you are sharing it and using what you love to do as a ministy also! i hope you are doing great, and i will talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

eat less, ride and pray more. good luck.

racer girl 13 said...

Jeremy, thanks for sharing the link. I'll be sure to check out the blog regularly. Your faith, and the way you live your life, the way I see you treat your family, your friends, is an inspiration.

Lisa M. said...

Jeremy I am so proud of the man that you have become. It is so awesome to see you growing in Christ. My mom emailed me your blog address and the message that you wrote in there I had tears in my eyes (happy ones of course). I can wait to hear all the wonderful stories that you will have because of your faithfullness to Christ. You do have an amazing testimony to share and God will bless you for all the wonderful things that you are doing. I will always be here to if you need someone to talk to and you will be in my prayers. I will do my best to encourage you when you are down. Tell your wife and little girl I said Hi! We need to get together again soon my little guy is 4 now. Talk with you later! Your Big Sister.