Saturday, September 16, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Ok so I took some time off from Nationals, and thought I would be rested up. Well I was sick during that rest and didn't ride hard for the whole time since. I was hoping I would be ready for four days of racing in St. Louis. This trip would be great no matter what happened in the races, but it would be nice to bring home some money? Mom, Dad, Chris, Amanda, GG, KK, Becky and I all made it to St. Louis safely. There was Grandpa, and Grandma waiting with open arms, so great to see them again. We all got into the hotel for the next 3 nights and went to eat. By that time Friday night Dad and I went to the race at 7:15 for my 9:30 pm start.

We get to the race and look for parking, Wow no parking at all. We go up next to the course and the guy working there says you can park it here. We made the course a little smaller but no one would notice. warming up in the dark without a trainer, how do ya do that. I found 20 guys warming up together on the main streets with lights for the sidewalks. Kind of cool riding behind some of the big Pro racers warming up.

The Race is about to start and we all line up, all 151 riders. Big field! The race starts off at 30 + mph and does not let up until 70 of us hit the pavement less than 10 miles into the race. Maybe it was only 5 miles into the race, things can be quite a Blurr in pitch darkness trying to stay close to the racers wheel inches in front of yours. Back to the crash, it was coming across the finish line with over 500 people in that area. Fun to watch, but not to be in it. I had no where to go, I slid my rear wheel for over 60 feet. I almost came to a stop when the racers in front of me went down hard. Thanks to them going down it was my turn. I hit someones body and flipped over onto my back. I just can't stop as some of the other racers, after all I am 40 to even 70 pounds more than them. The one guy may not have liked that I was behind him when I fell onto his $1,500 wheels. That's bike racing for ya! Thank the Lord I have sponsorship!

It took me 4 laps to get back in the race due to my Helmet broke, shoes needed fixed bike shifting was off and oh yea I'm bleeding. When a racer is bleeding they let you back into the race after everyone else is out of the way, and it helps to have a cool sponsor. I think pictures of me are at gateway cup photos I am in there for a couple of races.

Back on the bike and here we go. I stay at the back until we are close to the end. Another break goes up the road I am feeling good so I go with it. We are still avg around 30+ mph but I feel good right? Well I get out there and start to work in the break, not good! 8 of us have a big gap and it does stick till the end. But only 3 of those guys make it. While 8 of us are in the break Steve Tilford, an awesome rider who is 46 years old pulls off letting 3 other riders go while I am stuck at the back. Great, good job Steve! I was hurting really bad at that point and if I jumped across who knows what would have happend but I sat back waiting. Chad Cagle worked hard and another ABD rider pulled through but not as hard as us. Steve sat at the back not working the whole time, good job Steve! We got caught within the last 5 miles of the race and I didn't have enough for the finish.

Thank you Lord for keeping me safe and no broken bones, help heal the others that went to the hospital.

More to come.....


San Lorenzo said...

dude, how do guys so good crash so much? I think ya'll ride to darn fast anyways.glad to hear my favorite AF guy is ok.

JC's said...

More to come.... 3 more races and I only do 2 more that I shouldn't have done...