Thursday, May 10, 2007

2007 Cycling

Well I started racing again. I knew I would eventually. Since the last week in Feb I have in 113 more hours. The total now is 135. 96% of my riding is to work and back home, taking Caylin for a ride to the park and/or the Orrville Club rides/races. 4 percent has been in racing. I have done 4 races this year and so far no crashes.

Memories: My first Orrville Club ride(OCC) I came off of a 21 hour week and I got destroyed. We only rode for an hour and my legs hurt for 3 days after that night. Someone will get a kick out of this next story. I took Caylin to the park and we were there a long time. I had to go to the bathroom bad, real bad. So I said Caylin let's go home. She said "No Daddy, No." I said to myself ok there are only a couple of people here they don't know who I am, I'll just go. So I went, no big deal, gotta go ya gotta go. Riding to work is always great sometimes at 5 am.

Races: My first race was RATL, great to see everyone that was there. I raced real aggressive and finished 9th, very hard race. My second race was Race around the chase. Great to see everyone there as well, thanks to Dave Tingler for the video, and Shawn Adams for the help. 3rd place finish was more than great, I was just hoping to finish with the pack. Ratl was next and during warm up I broke my wipperman chain at the rivet of the connector link, what else is new. Right by my side was the winner of the cat 4 race that same day Josh Halvax, better get used to that name boys. He rides at OCC on wednesday nights. Josh gave me his chain for me to use, that saved me 20 bucks, thank you Josh. I ended up winning 20 bucks for 7th place. The 1st Ohio Cup race was at Wilkesville. I went because I thought there would be 80 guys in our race in support of the OCA, not much there. Also I went for a great meal, yes it's still all about the food. Anyway the race started and 3 rolled off the front and we all looked at each other like a deer looking into headlights. We heard they were 4mins ahead so what did we do? Nothing they wouldn't let anyone else go away from the field but it was ok for the front 3 to be out there as if they earned it. Well they did! That front 3 took 1st 2nd and 4th. Shawn Adams took 3rd with a flat tire, great job Shawn! Shawn helped Nate and I out and as we were getting closer to the front of the race I got dropped and when I caught back on, miles later it seemed, I said to Shawn and Nate let me sit on for awhile I won't contest the sprint. At the end of the race Nate let me have 5th thank you so much Nate. We split 10 bucks since ther was no money for 6th place. I guess that's why I am going back to playing softball, to much money to do cycling.

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you break alot of stuff