Friday, May 18, 2007

OCC Ride

Wednesday night with some rain. Pavement was wet and I am not making excuses, but my rear tire was worn to the threads. Yes I hit the pavement at 20 + mph on a training ride with OCC. On a straight road coming to a one lane bridge. I stood up to put some pressure on the pedals and quickly found myself trying to catch the rear wheel as it was side ways. Just about the time I had my foot out on the ground I slammed to the pavement. With my Team GodSpeed kit on of course. I am banged up a little but feel blessed I didn't hit the bridge or a car or another rider. Bike shifts better after a little persuasion. Hope I feel better for Sunday. Why am I going you ask? I have done this race every year since I started racing. Plus I used to go there when I was younger watching Dad race it. I was 6-12 back then. I have bad luck at this race almost all the time. The first year I broke a spoke in the cat 4 race and Zak waited for me up the hill every time, I got 2nd Zak won it, and he earned it big time. The 2nd year cat 1-3 I think I got 11th, the third year 9th, which was great I'll take those placings. Then I was sick in 05 and tried to race for 2 laps, not smart, then last year I broke my chain the first time up the hill. So I hope to better 9th place, but as always I hope to just be safe. It's fun when you get beat up in some races, well this is one of them. It will be really tuff to even finish this race with the field. I always seem to get dropped by the field on the hill so maybe I can hold on this year.

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JC's said...

Those races are the Brecksville races.