Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Off to work I go

Well off to work I went, 5:40 am. This time it was in the car. I rode my bike to work 14 working days in a row, that is my record so far. That has saved me 80 bucks in the last 3 weeks. If I get on the bike tonight for the club ride it will make 21 days in a row. With the Brecksville race coming up this Sunday my legs will either be real tired or really fit.

As long as I don't have a mechanical or wreck it will be fun. I will miss not going to church this Sunday but will be with our bible study group sat for some time of fellowship. We will be flying in a small plane over our houses so that will be a first for our family. Hope Caylin does good, I am sure she will.

Mondays I have been with my associate minister going over the book of James. This book is packed with detailed info. James wrote this book to urge his people to make needed changes in their lives and in their corporate relationships.

James 1st lesson: Trials and Temptations
2nd lesson: Listening and Doing
3rd lesson: Mercy and Judgement
4th lesson: Faith and Works
5th lesson: Taming The Tongue
6th lesson: Friendship With God
7th lesson: Investing in Your Future
8th lesson: Suffering and Prayer

On look at the Christians vs Atheists. It takes some time to watch all of it but it is very good. I think maybe 45 mins total.
Also our church website is up and running. Take a look

Hope to post something else soon...

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fat chocolate milk boy said...

Book of book - strength-to-weight proportion. Packs a lot of stuff in just a few pages
Makes you look at yourself thru others. Quite possibly the only way some can see their faults and shortcomings.